It was an absolute scorcher of a weekend around the province, and now, a BC town has broken an unofficial record for the hottest day ever in June in Canada. Lytton, which is around 3 hours north of Vancouver, got both the honour and the curse, so let’s check it out!

As a quick refresher, BC and other parts of western Canada are currently in a ‘heat dome.’ More commonly seen in America’s southern states, this heat dome’s high pressure forces air towards the ground, warming it rapidly in the process.

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And well, we don’t need to explain the results. However, Lytton took the cake on Sunday, with the Weather Network reporting a high of 46.6°C that day. With that, the town has set the all-time record for the single hottest June day in the country.

Surprisingly, the Canadian government recorded a slightly cooler high of 45.2°C that day. But, even with the different numbers, it still beats out the old record which was set in Saskatchewan back in 1937. And, just to make sure, the current forecast calls for back-to-back 47°C days today (Monday) and tomorrow.

So yeah, it’s super hot out there. Please stay cool and if possible, help others do the same!