Now, we don’t know about you, but we haven’t exactly learned any new skills over the past year and a bit (a brief foray into sourdough bread doesn’t count). So, that’s why we’re all the more inspired about Kashius Weme, a Nanaimo toddler who has picked up, of all things, mountain biking, snowboarding, and motorcycling.

That’s right, and the impressive little guy has been showing off his skills on TikTok (@kashiusalexander), having amassed over 30,000 followers so far. On the page, you’ll find videos of him tearing up bike parks, snowboarding down a mountainside, or even taking a spill off a dirt jump. The craziest part? Kashius doesn’t turn 3 until June.

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A couple of his videos (created by his parents) have already seen hundreds of thousands of views. So far, the most notable of them all is the arrival of his motorcycle, which is this adorable little Yamaha. And although it may look like a toy, it’s the real deal, with an adjustable throttle screw to make sure he’s not going too fast for his age and skill. Although, once again, he’s not even 3, so we’re pretty sure this is unknown territory.

Even still, we can’t wait to see his skills continue to improve! Nothing like a little feel-good fun to start the week off with, hey folks?