A couple of months ago, social media was stormed by the ‘I was today years old’ trend. Post after post of people sharing life-changing discoveries/hacks flooded our feeds. While we participated with a few hacks of our own, we never truly found our ‘today years old’ moment until right now. And we have Dominion by Bucci to thank for it. 

Bucci recently opened the doors of its luxury rental building, Dominion, in Bridgeland to the public and we, like many others, had our jaws drop all the way to the floor. We knew all along that it’s a spectacular addition to the Calgary skyline. We’ve now discovered that it’s not just a beautiful piece of architecture but also an elevated, luxurious living experience. Now, the moment of truth- we were today years old when we realized that Bucci is offering these 8 things that we didn’t know we could get from a rental. 

Top-Notch Everything

Homes at Dominion aim for luxury so it isn’t surprising that everything here screams opulence from high ceilings to full-sized washers & dryers to top-notch kitchen finishes to that of the acoustic excellence. No exaggeration but it feels wrong to call these pieces of heaven, home.

Fully Upgraded Health & Fitness Amenities

You know that whole ‘don’t have time and resource’ excuse we’ve been using for our less than healthy lifestyle? You won’t be able to use that at Dominion. The gym comes with a separate yoga & barre room, just FYI. Additionally, there’s also a workshop here for self-tuning skis and bikes and a veranda-style patio for times when you need to just breathe in some freshness.

Dominion bucci
Photo Via Dominion – Bucci Living

Smart Home Management & Concierge

Rentals at Dominion feature state-of-the-art smart home options you won’t be able to live without. Try it, you’ll be hooked. From booking service requests to receiving automated parcel delivery to checking in your visitors, everything can be done with a couple of clicks on your mobile app. Or simply talk to your Concierge, that works too.

Enhanced Security

Home is your safe space and it will only feel that way if it really is safe. That’s why every Dominion rental space & common area is protected with a smart lock that can only be opened with a card or your smartphone. 

Dominion bucci
Photo Via Dominion – Bucci Living

Resident Lounge & Lobby Cafe

The Resident Lounge is your all-in-one entertainment studio where you can do everything from playing a board game to celebrating a birthday party and everything in between. The Lobby Café meanwhile will give you the change of ambiance you so desperately crave while working from home. Pick your favourite, ‘cause we love both!

Dominion bucci
Photo Via Dominion – Bucci Living

Pet Services

This one’s our favourite feature- the space is designed as much for our furry little companions to feel at home and pampered as it is for us. The in-house spa has all your grooming needs covered and we heard about a heated dog-run opening early 2022. For the time being, Tom Campbell dog park is pretty close by for some more serious leg stretching. Flexible Floor Plans

Just like everything else, the rental condo outdoes itself with floor plans too. Whatever your requirement, they have a layout to match your needs. No more compromises needed! The best part is, no matter what size you pick, the quality and comfort continue to be the utmost.

Proximity to All Things Happening

The vibrant Bridgeland main street with all its local shops and eateries is just a min’s drive away. Whether you want a slice of Toto Pizza or a bite of Korean fried chicken at Jinbar or you want some sweet comfort with a brioche gelato sandwich at Noto Gelato, you are covered all the way. With all that next door, if you still need to venture out, downtown is another quick drive away.

Forget about the next rental, we are ready to nestle into this all-inclusive haven right away. While we figure our way around that, you go ahead and check more pics, specs and deets of this beaut right here.