What’s better than an ice cream sandwich on an unbearably spicy day? Well, before you say “literally, nothing” let us introduce you to a new, one-of-a-kind brioche dessert that will have your head spinning. Calgary, get ready, because one of our favourite little shops, Noto Gelato, has just released their newest dessert and, we don’t mean to be dramatic, but it might just change your life. 

For those of you who have never stopped by Noto, you are in for a treat – or several. We won’t judge!  

Owned and operated by gelato expert and classically trained chef Dom Tudda and his niece Stefanna Spoletini, this authentically Italian spot has 19 regular flavours with more to come. 

Photo Via Curiocity Group

Here, the team is extremely playful and loves to mix and match – sometimes with things that many would never think to put together. 

This spring you HAVE to check out their newest and most irresistible combination, gelato and brioche! 

Served with your choice of flavours, this unique way to indulge is buttery, cold, and only available for a limited time at their brick-and-mortar location.

Alongside the brioche gelato sandwich, Noto Gelato is offering their delicious gelato by the scoop in a tasty cone or cup. Their new charcoal cone is out of this world and we gotta say their waffle and gluten-free cones that are imported from Italy are incredible!

Why not try something new, Calgary? You might just be sinking your teeth into your new favourite brioche dessert! Happy snacking! 


Where: 236 – 4 Street NE, Calgary
Instagram: @Notogelato