Alright, Toronto, Father’s Day is coming up soon, and if you were lookin’ for some great gift ideas… we’re here to help. We teamed up with Neo Financial to bring you a list of perfect gift ideas. ‘Cause let’s be honest, Dads love everything, sure, but we know they’ll adore something from one of these places (and with the cashback you’ll be gettin’, you’ll love it too!).

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For every kind of dad out there, here are some great spots for Father’s Day gifts in Toronto. 

For every kind of dad out there, here are some great spots for Father’s Day gifts in Calgary. 

Scheduled Donut Delivery


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If your dad’s got a sweet tooth, satisfy it with this delicious gift. Dipped Donuts offers an insane collection of unique donut flavours you’ve got to taste to believe. From classics like Apple Fritter and Boston Cream to creatives like London Fog Creme Brulee and Vegan Mango Ginger, there’s no end to the great flavours here. Just fill out the online form, earn your Neo Financial rewards, and wait for Dad’s delicious delivery to show up on your doorstep. It’s that simple!

Where: Available for order from Dipped Donuts
Neo Cashback: 7% cashback

The Man Den Power Recliner

Was there a Dad meeting at some point when they all decided as a collective to love recliner chairs? Is that written in some “Dad Memo” somewhere?? We may not know why all fathers have an affinity for these staple living room pieces, but we do know you can gift your old man with an awesome one from Ashley Home Store this year. The Man Den Power Recliner comes with loads of perks like an adjustable headrest, built-in wireless charger, cup holder, extended ottoman, and more. This awesome recliner has us thinking dads might just be onto something…

Where: Available at Ashley Home Store 

Neo Cashback: 3% cashback

‘Dad’ Themed Steak Brander

When they’re not on their recliners, it’s no secret that dads love the grill. It’s basically a father’s rite of passage at this point, so why not let your dad brand his steak creations with this cool gift from Barbecues Galore? The custom rolled steel branding iron will let dad officially mark his territory as BBQ connoisseur. Plus, you get Neo Financial rewards when you buy it, so it’s a win-win.

Where: Available at Barbecues Galore 
Neo Cashback: 3% cashback

Ultimate BBQ Kit

You can’t get Pops a steak brander and no steak to use it on! Good thing another Neo Financial partner, Insomnia, has the Ultimate BBQ Kit up for grabs. An order of this stellar kit comes with eight 6oz ground chuck burgers, eight Ace Bakery buns, 7 andouille sausages, and loads of great toppings and sides. It’s everything you need for a little family fun in the sun.

Where: Available at Insomnia Market
Neo Cashback: 8-10% cashback

At-Home Brewery Experience

What’s a BBQ without a cold one to crack open with it? Two awesome local breweries offer great labels we know your old man will enjoy. Plus, whichever spot you choose you’ll be racking up those awesome rewards! We say order from both and mix and match Dad’s selection.

Where: Browse the selection at Radical Road Marketplace and Saulter Street Brewery 
Neo Cashback: 5-8% cashback at both locations


So where are you going to store those brews once they arrive? In the Koolatron, of course. This awesome product from The Hudson’s Bay makes for a great Father’s Day gift. The 18-can Ice Chest comes equipped with its very own built in bottle opener. Talk about efficiency! Plus, it’s Coors Light labelling will make your old man the coolest cat in town. 

Where: Available at The Hudson’s Bay 
Neo Cashback: 1% cashback

Mood Boosts 

After your Father’s Day BBQ is all wrapped up, your Pops may want to wind down with the amazing cafe products available at Strange Love. You can shop by mood at this online store to find the perfect gift for your old man. They’ve got products for sleep, immunity, focus, and more. You know your dad better than anyone, so we’ll let you decide which category suits him best! Oh, and of course whichever you choose will earn you those sweet sweet Neo Financial rewards. 

Where: Available at Strange Love Cafe 
Neo Cashback: 9-17% cashback

Ode Brew Grinder


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If your dad is a fan of luxury coffee products, this is the gift for him. You’ll feel like you’re at an upscale coffee shop when you sample the brew this grinder pulls out. The Ode Brew Grinder was designed specifically for your dad’s daily brewed coffee – whether that’s pour-over, French press, cold brew, or something else entirely. It’s got killer 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, plus 31 impressive grind settings. It’s the gift that’ll keep on giving every single morning!

Where: Available at The Library Specialty Coffee 
Neo Cashback: 9-17% cashback

Alright, folks, that’s our roundup of some great gifts to shop for Father’s Day, all while earning rewards! Wishing you had a Neo Financial card of your own? It’s easier than ever to get one and start earning – and, you’ll get $25 just for signing up! For more information, just click here!