Let’s face it, spending so much more time at home the past year has made most of us realize that our homes could use a bit of a facelift. Are your Pinterest boards packed with home design inspo, but you don’t know where to start? Have no fear, because we’ve teamed up with our friends at Improve Canada to show you 8 easy and affordable ways to turn your living space into a dream home just in time for spring!

If you haven’t already checked out Canada’s largest! home improvement center, take it from us – you’re missing out! Brought to you in part by TV Personality Mike Holmes, not only does it have the Make It Right seal of approval, the massive home improvement centre offers personalized, by-appointment shopping experiences with unreal showrooms, products, and experts to help you bring your dream renos to life!

From the kitchen, bathroom, basement, hardwood, tiles, faucets, wallpaper and other unique wall treatment options like silk plaster, and furniture and home decor items, Improve Canada literally has everything you might need all under one roof.

Plus if you’re not exactly a self-described handy-man, they even have expert contractors, designers, and builders that can come help you every step of the way from design and planning to coming in to install and finish the work.

Hit up Improve Canada’s site to learn more, or give them a call to chat with one of their reps about what you’re looking for and book your personalized shopping experience now.

Until then, get inspired with our 8 easy and affordable ways to give your home a boost!


Improve Canada
World of Art, Unit 202 (Improve Canada)

The feel or ‘personality’ of any room can be switched daily, but we’re not here to give you a headache by recommending hundreds of changes. Instead, head on over to Improve Canada, to find the perfect accent piece(s) for any room. Honestly, you’d be surprised what the right rug from World of Art, a lamp from House of Interior Design, a reclaimed wooden décor piece from Zenporium, or an antique piece from Atassi Antiques & Art can do to finish off a room!

Improve Canada
Zenporium, Unit 352 (Improve Canada)

Plus, this can be accomplished with either a small and affordable piece, or a bigger more spectacular piece if you’re ready to ball out. Ever considered warming up a room with a fireplace install? Keep your house cozy (and impressive all year long) with a fireplace from Toronto Home Comfort, GTA Heating or Improve Aire!  Let that imagination go wild!

Improve Canada
GTA Heating, Unit 324, 272, 309 (Improve Canada)


Nothing lifts the look and feel of a room like a new paint job or an in your face wallpaper. Specializing in green building products, Harmony has a unique silk plaster wall covering to add a little glitz and glam to your walls for those of you who truly want something different. 

Improve Canada
Harmony, Unit 144 (Improve Canada)

Or for something more classical and fun, check out Glam Decor for all your wallpaper needs! We’re sure you will be able to find something to spice up that wall you’re tired of looking at!

Glam Décor, Unit 137 (Improve Canada)


Design By Azure, Unit 25 (Improve Canada)

Changing out light fixtures can surprisingly give a room a new feel and shed some brand new light on things. Improve Canada (of course) has you covered for all lighting needs and essentials. Want to make your kitchen feel warmer? Get yourself a new light. Want to spice up your home theatre room? Get yourself some new lights. If you don’t get where we’re going with this by now, get yourself some new lights.


Improve Canada
Komandor, Unit 87 (Improve Canada)

We know our junk drawer is always overflowing and the WFH space seems to have morphed into the home office, home gym AND laundry hamper. There’s no such thing as too much storage space, so while you’re at Improve Canada put it on your list to check out vendors Komandor, Trendy Closets, and Design to Fit Interiors for some pretty unreal storage and closet inspo! Plus, they are masters at making and coming up with unique solutions to fit even the smallest of spaces, but of course when in doubt get in touch with your inner minimalist and declutter!

Improve Canada
Trendy Closets, Unit 200, 201 (Improve Canada)


Improve Canada
Lux Trim, Unit 73, 36, 18, 16, 17 (Improve Canada)

DIY projects like adding molding to your kitchen, might be super trendy right now but we gotta be honest that we are not exactly the “handy” type. If you’re like us, go with a pro and contact an expert! Lux Trim, Artemis Studio, Prestige Painting & Contracting have you covered from consultation to installation, they will help you figure out what you want based on your budget.

And if you ARE the handy type, you can still buy your trims and molds from the vendors at Improve and follow this step by step guide to add molding to your kitchen yourself.


Improve Canada
Lux Trim, Unit 73, 36, 18, 16, 17 (Improve Canada)

Some top-notch landscaping makes a great first impression! It really says a lot about a person and (this is a biggie) it’s also the easiest way to increase the value of your home. So time to put your green thumb to work!

Need some help? Improve Canada has the vendors you need to transform your backyard or patio into a space that’s perfect for lounging in time for the nice outdoor weather. Check out vendors like Matt’s Landscaping, Burton Exteriors, Brickarta, and Concrete Your Way for some inspo and help to get started!

Improve Canada
Palmiye, Unit 341 (Improve Canada)


Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is a must to update. Even some easy modern tweaks can completely transform this room. Replacing accessories like shower curtains, towels and even toilet seats can make a big visual impact. If you’re in the market for a new vanity, faucet, or even tub, check out Canaroma, Bathroom & Kitchen Galleries, Pyramid Home Improvement, and Kitchen & Bath Renovations at Improve Canada!

Canaroma, Unit 231 (Improve Canada)

And if you’re really looking to go all out, Eko Technologies Canada also has some pretty amazing smart toilets you definitely have to see!

Eko Technologies, Unit 216 (Improve Canada)


Gallery M2, Unit 153 (Improve Canada)

While paint night makes for a fun weekend activity, if you don’t feel like painting (we get it, it’s a lot of effort!) check out some awesome vendors who enjoy doing that (for a living) including Gallery M2, Tane Art Gallery, , Picsalive, Yuilana Dolgonos, and Not Art Gallery for some amazing statement art pieces.

This addition is guaranteed to bring some colour into your life and also adds some dimension to your rooms. Find what sparks joy!

No matter how you decide to update your place, be ready to impress anyone that comes in and be prepared to want to spend all your time there! Oh wait, we do that anyways! Head to ImproveCanada.com to book an appointment and meet with their expert vendors today to get started on your next home improvement project!