By now we are all pretty used to staying in but that doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice date night. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Noto Gelato to put together a list of our favourite at-home date nights because every date should end with something sweet. So it’s time to spice things up and connect to keep that spark alive.

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Our pals over at Noto Gelato know how important this is so they’ve got you covered. You can even try the following date night ideas with your favourite gelato in hand! Noto has 16 glorious flavours made using imported ingredients from Italy and traditional Italian techniques, so you can even try a different flavour for each date!

Here are 7 easy and romantic date night ideas you can do at home!


at home date night ideas

We all deserve some pampering right now. So slip into your robes, put some calm music on, slice up your cucumbers and draw the bath, spa night is on! This is the perfect way to treat yourself and your person to some serious rest and relaxation. You can put face masks on and give each other massages too, go big or go home right?!


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Almost every liquor store sells individual tallboys, grab a few funky looking cans that you’ve never tried before, or snag a few bottles of rose, red or white and “test” away! Heck, you can even virtually tour Napa Valley together. You can include Noto’s Aperol Spritz in this fun date night idea!


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Who says you need to make date night exclusive and we’re all missing our friends right now so schedule a virtual double date and play games. For board games, Taboo, Yahtzee, and Pictionary all work for distanced playing or play some classic drinking games.


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Split a bottle of wine and get in touch with your creative, more colourful sides! Head over to Amazon, order a few watercolour paints, some brushes, and a canvas, and have yourself a paint party. Need some inspo and a few tips? Why not get them from the one and only Bob Ross himself?


cooking couple class

Spin the wheel! Select a recipe at random using Recipe Roulette.TV, and recreate it as best as you can! Whether you two are in the same space or feel like staying home in your respective apartments and are using Skype, Facetime or Zoom, you can still share the same candlelight meal.


online escape room

Work together! Panic Room Online is a sharable, remote activity with dozens of different games that you can explore from your couch. Check it out with your significant other while together or separately simply by logging in to Zoom or Houseparty and selecting a room!


Heinz launches crazy hard puzzle to raise money for Food Banks Canada

Challenge yourself and your partner with a difficult puzzle. A great way to connect as you put your heads together to finish your masterpiece. We recommend enjoying a glass of wine and compare tasting notes while you work to really channel your inner intellect.

So there you have it, an epic list of unique date night ideas all perfect to celebrate with any one of Noto Gelato’s flavours afterwards. Pick-up a pint before your date starts at their store in Bridgeland or at select Co-op grocery stores, or order delivery on Skip the Dishes or DoorDash.