You can now watch every Bob Ross ‘Joy of Painting’ episode for free!

Photo via Medium

joy of painting

Admit it, the time has come to stop rewatching Tiger King to see if you can crack the case of Carole’s ex-husband. Instead, you absolutely need to take advantage of the fact that every single ‘Joy of Painting’ episode is now on YouTube for your entertainment pleasure.

Yes, this is Bob Ross’s painting show. And a fun fact about Bob- did you know that prior to getting into painting, he was a master sergeant in the US Army? Yeah, the guy with an afro telling you about happy little trees would have yelled at you for a hair out of place in a past life.

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Which is why, after leaving the army, Bob decided to pursue painting full-time. What resulted is a public access show that became a cultural phenomenon, even before the internet. And once the ASMR people got their hands on it… hoo boy.

We think there are three great reasons to check this show out. First, if you’re actually looking to get into painting, he provides practical advice and a great painting philosophy. Second, he has one of the most calming voices ever, which we could all use.

Third, we just like him! Click here to check out every ‘Joy of Painting’ episode on YouTube.