Okay, we’ll admit that despite the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and the negligible rain, Seattle winter can get gloomy. Now, flying off to a warmer destination sure is one way of escaping the winter gloom. But living in a city as happening as Seattle gives you many other options to get over the gloom and embrace the winter. Take, for example, our latest excursion of exploring some of the hidden gems in and around the city.

From a quick winter getaway to a secluded rooftop garden to that of a roo ranch, here are 7 of our most interesting finds that you ought to unravel this winter.

Suncadia Winterfest

Yes, we know the Suncadia resort is not hidden from Seattleites but their Winterfest might be. This gigantic paradise of a resort with snow-capped mountains and trees, frozen ponds, upscale, comfy accommodations and a state-of-the-art spa offers more than just views come winter. Enter: The Suncadia Winterfest. You’ll find a whole array of outdoor winter sports (think skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, winter fly fishing and more), festive meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, whiskey sampling and a bunch of other adventures that’ll make for a perfect winter holiday. To add to the winter magic are the Christmas workshops and activities that the on-property historic farm offers. Yes, the resort is that big that it houses a farm. Definitely worth a visit.

Bathtub Gin and Co


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Here’s the thing about speakeasies- they are seldom easy to find but always worth the struggle. Hidden as it is in the basement of the Humphrey Apartments on 2nd Ave at Blanchard St, this edgy bar that can house no more than 30 guests at a given time, is the perfect spot to catch a drink with your closest mate on a cold winter evening. You can either choose from one of their many cocktail options or leave it to the bartender to surprise you. Trust us, it’ll be a pleasant surprise!

Rooftop garden at Fourth and Madison Building

As silly as it might sound to hit a rooftop garden on a cold wintery afternoon, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Hidden (not any more) on the seventh floor of the Fourth and Madison Building is a garden that will give you some of the most breathtaking views of the city around and beneath including the Columbia Centre. Pro tip: Head up there with a large pumpkin-spiced and slightly spiked latte and enjoy the beautiful views.

Drink Books


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Wining and reading, two of our best leisure time activities clubbed together into one amazing experience. That, guys, is Drink Books for you. The newly opened book store not just houses a curated collection of books- authored mainly by women, transgender and non-binary writers- but also pair you up with the perfect natural wine to go with the book of your choice. Nothing like a good book and a delicious wine to get over the winter blues.

Seattle Pinball Museum

Pinball lovers, here’s one for you. We discovered this while on a random stroll down Maynard Avenue and truth be told, the main reason we entered was because it seemed out of place in Chinatown. This ode to the iconic game turned out to be one of the most fun discoveries. There are more than 50 games that you can play. These are placed in chronological order, so you can play them from the oldest to the newest and witness the upgrades. Pretty cool, right?

Twede’s Cafe


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After many, many changes in terms of owner, name, menu and interior among others, the Double R Diner from Twin Peaks was finally restored to its former Twin Peaks-worthy glory a few years ago. Whether you are a fan of Twin Peaks or not, this cute diner sure is a gem worth visiting. And not just for its ambience but also for its now extensive menu with burgers galore. 

Fall City Wallaby Ranch

This is one of our more interesting finds. The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is your chance to see the roos, and of course, the wallabies, without having to travel across the globe. Just over 30 minutes from the city, this ranch has quite a few adorable fuzzy inmates. You can view them, play with them and even adopt one if you’d so wish. And post your visit if you have a sudden urge to learn more about the animals (as it happened with us), you can revisit the website and go through the educational material there.

That concludes our list, for now at least. You can hit most of these places with a few free hours. If, however, you need a de-stressing winter getaway for a weekend or even a whole week, definitely consider a trip to the Suncadia Resort. Check out the Winterfest deets, make your reservation and have a wonderful winter!