Happy late New Year’s, folks! If you’re thinking of starting on a healthier foot, then this list of healthy delivery and takeout options in Edmonton should be right up your alley. We’re going for variety here, instead of just listing all the vegan spots or something. And remember, all things in moderation!

Anyway, here are some amazing spots for healthy delivery and takeout in Edmonton.

The Greenhouse Health Eatery

The Greenhouse is probably the perfect catch-all spot on this list. With both protein and plant-based options, The Greenhouse has been making all sorts of healthy dishes over the years, from jerk chicken salad to spinach dips and steak melts. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this is a great option.

Where: 8623 112 Street
Options: Takeout and delivery

Tokiwa Ramen

If you’re trying to be healthier but still want to treat yourself, ramen is a great pick. Although sometimes high in sodium and fat, homemade ramen features a wide variety of healthy additions. Plus, opting for a veggie or chicken-based broth is even better!

Where: 11978 104 Ave NW
Options: Takeout and delivery

The Moth Cafe

In just a couple of years, The Moth Cafe has become an absolute staple spot for healthy food in Edmonton. With an entirely plant-based menu, this restaurant has ample options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some gluten free pancakes on a cold morning? Sign us up!

Where: 9449 Jasper Avenue
Options: Takeout and delivery

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This spot is definitely taking the ‘food is fuel’ approach to their offerings. But, luckily for us, they also do take care to make sure that the fuel tastes good. Perfect, we’re trying to avoid eating bricks of nutrients while we still can.

Where: 11416 Jasper Avenue
Options: Takeout and delivery


A great option for those who want to mix things up a bit. Padmanadi is a local, family-run restaurant that does a variety of Asian cuisines. However, we think you should look for their Indonesian dishes, like the dendeng or rendang, since the family came from Jakarta.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout and delivery

Good Stock Restaurant & Catering

This option is one of the best for healthy delivery and takeout in Edmonton, and for good reason. Either order a quick meal online for today or take advantage of their extensive ‘take and bake’ menu for the next week. See? It’s a can’t-lose move!

Where: 11409 40 Avenue NW
Options: Takeout and delivery

An Chay Restaurant

This is a fantastic choice for delicious Vietnamese cuisine in Edmonton. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, and a fair portion of the options are vegan to boot. Nothing like a big ol’ bowl of pho on a chilly day, are we right? We know we are.

Where: 11203 Jasper Avenue
Options: Takeout and delivery

Those are our picks for the best spots for healthy takeout and delivery in Edmonton this year, folks! We hope that you enjoy your next delicious (and healthy) meal from one of these picks!