This holiday season, we’ve been binging even more festive flicks than usual. Perhaps it’s the lockdown. Or maybe we’ve just got more spirit this year. Whatever it is, we’re always on the hunt for great Xmas movies to stream. Well, we thought we’d mix up our search this week and check out the best Christmas movies that were shot right here in Toronto. Add a little spice to your viewing by seeing if you can spot all the Toronto locations in the background of these stellar movies.

Here are 7 Christmas movies that were shot here in Toronto.


You’ll recognize loads of Toronto spots while watching this classic 1983 Christmas flick. The story follows a young boy on the hunt for a very particular Christmas gift while dealing with adults that just don’t take him seriously. It features tons of iconic city locations like the Cherry St bridge and Queen St West. Plus, a few other Ontario locations like St. Catherines and Lindsay, Ontario.


This popular holiday movie from all of our childhoods was actually shot right here at home! It stars Tim Allen and features prominent Toronto locations like the Toronto Zoo, Hillcrest Park, Lakeshore Blvd, and a few Toronto public schools. Neat, right?


Of course, we’ve got to include a Hallmark flick on this list. Is it really the holidays without one? This Toronto-filmed movie follows the typical blueprint of Hallmark holiday classics. There’s a busy career woman who finds herself newly single and working in her family’s Christmas tree lot. You can pretty much guess how this one will go.

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You’ll recognize places from all over Ontario when you watch this holiday flick. Scenes were shot everywhere from Collingwood to Owen Sound to Meaford. As for the Toronto locations? Those were mostly in Scarborough. In true holiday movie fashion, the story follows an angel who has to show the true meaning of Christmas.


Most of this 1988 Bill Murray flick was shot in New York City, but Toronto had some shining moments in its production as well. It’s a modern take on the iconic A Christmas Carol, and over the years it’s become almost as much of a classic as the story it was based on. Almost.


This Toronto-shot film may only be two years old, but it’s got major classic potential. It follows a brother and sister who get caught up in a holiday adventure like no other. You’ll recognize prominent Toronto spots like Leslieville, the Gardiner, and DVP. Plus, loads of the interior stuff was shot at our very own Pinewood Studios.


Okay, okay, so this one’s not exactly a feel-good holiday flick. But it was shot right here in Toronto. The horror-thriller Christmas movie follows a group of sorority girls who are being stalked by a stranger. Tons of scenes were shot right on the University of Toronto campus. Plus, the sorority house in the movie is a real house located in the Annex (just north of UofT’s actual sorority row!).

Happy streaming, everyone! Were there any holiday movies shot in Toronto that surprised you?