Niagara Falls is beautiful. And so is spring. Now club the two together and it becomes kind of obvious why it is such an obvious go-to for Torontonians (or anyone in the whole of GHTA). Want to go for a romantic date night? Niagara Falls! Want to wow visiting friends and family? Niagara Falls! Want to escape the city for the day? Niagara Falls!

The fact that this iconic destination is fun all year round, only makes us frequent it more. But with all their vibrant and colourful spring blooms (and fewer crowds) now is the perfect time to hit it. And this time make it a “full bloom” weekend getaway. Hit all the spots- gorg gardens, trails, river brink- where you can have your fill of these spring beauties. Go spring bloom-hopping (yes, we just gave it a term)!

Anyway, here are seven absolute must-visit spots to enjoy the blooming beauty in Niagara Falls this spring.

#1 Floral Showhouse

They call themselves the “garden oasis” and rightly so. The three different display houses have their own unique floral exhibits. While orchids, succulents and other tropical plant species are on display year-round, now is a great time to check out tulips and hydrangeas. In fact, they even have a Hydrangea Show starting Mother’s Day weekend. Expect an enticing army of colourful blue, pink and white hydrangeas. But the magnificent Magnolia Allée is the highlight of the park.

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Side Note: Their Life on Display miniature village is not to be missed!

#2 Queen Victoria Park

We’ve all seen it. We all love it. And we’re all stunned by how the park amps up its vast green spaces overlooking killer views with exquisite floral beauties. RN you’ll find tulips, snowdrops, magnolia trees and crocuses. Their spring bloom highlight, however, is the 500,000 daffodils that will brighten up the gloomiest of days. Did you know that Niagara Falls is the Daffodil Capital of North America?!

#3 Oakes Garden Theatre

Of course, the entrance to Niagara Parks’ Queen Victoria Park would be just as majestic as the park itself. That is Oakes Garden Theatre for you. This iconic amphitheatre is creatively dotted with incredible green covers. And while their lily ponds and Japanese-style garden hog the limelight for the rest of the year, spring is a great time for other blooms including bright red tulips to take the front seat.


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#4 Botanical Gardens

This ginormous garden is too legendary to need an intro. Be it its award-winning landscape, its herb garden or its iconic Victorian rose garden with 2,400 roses, the place is blooming with beauty all around. And its seasonal blooms including cherry blossoms, tulips, snowdrops and crocuses are just as exquisite. ​​

#5 Floral Clock

Okay, this might be a relatively smaller area as compared to the aforementioned gardens but that doesn’t make it any less of a floral gorgeousness. The clock face is decked with exceptionally creative displays twice every year. The spring display will come up some time at the end of May. And we have reason to believe that it will be spectacular.

#6 Centennial Lilac Garden

Given that this garden is one of those hidden gems, it is a great place to check out the spring blooms and take in the tranquility of the garden. As can be guessed from the name, this is where you will see the many shades (quite literally) of lilac. Between May and June, these delicate floral beauties are ready to mesmerize you with their colours and fragrance.


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#7 Niagara River Recreation Trail

When a trail is often described as one of the most scenic trails in the world, we have no choice but expect some stunning blooms. And the Niagara River Trail certainly does not disappoint. The 53-km long stretch for non-motorized vehicles will give you some breathtaking views of cherry blossoms and tulips, among other beauties.

Damn! Just writing about these beautiful blooms has made us want to head out RN. Well, if you’re planning to hit it this weekend, we might cross paths. See you there!