It’s time for some hard facts! Fact #1- on average, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. In case you were wondering, that’s approximately 25 years of your life. Let that sink in! Fact #2- Our physical and mental well-being depends largely on the quality of our Zzzs. And yet we tend to not think much (or at all) about the thing that truly makes our bed the best place to be, the mattress.

So, we decided to bring you some more facts, this time about these slumber-inducing pieces of coil and foam. Some nice to know, some fun to know and some a tad bit scary.

We do want to thank the folks at Black Sheep for helping us put together this list. Yes, that Calgary mattress store which hand-crafts high-quality, customized mattresses. And talking of things they are great at, let’s not forget their atypical no-push, no-pressure approach to sales. It sure takes the intimidation out of the whole mattress buying process. Plus, it makes for a refreshing change.

About Your Mattress
Photo via Black Sheep Mattress

Now, to the list—

Firm/softer is not necessarily better

Your mattress firmness shouldn’t be decided by your preference alone but also your sleeping style- whether you’re a back, tummy or side sleeper- and your spine health. Generally speaking, the mattress shouldn’t harbour on either extreme as excess firmness can put unnecessary pressure on the spine while the super-soft ones will sag resulting in a poor spinal posture. If you want to know which mattress is perfect for you, Black Sheep can help you with these pro tips.

Firmness labels can be inaccurate

Ever been surprised on finding out that the super comfy bed you slept on while at a sleepover is the same firmness as your not-so-snoozy bed? Well, that’s ‘cause firmness labels could differ from brand to brand. This is why it is best to get your mattress custom-made from a store like Black Sheep. They make your mattress at their in-store workshop after you’ve personally selected the model, spring or height and firmness.

Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all

Thermostat temperature and mattress firmness are two things spouses never seem to agree on (talking from experience). In case of the latter, it’s not just preference but also the weight of the person. Chances are that your SO isn’t experiencing the mattress the same way you are. The best way to deal with this is a dual profile. Meaning, different firmness in the two halves. FYI, Black Sheep offers dual profile mattresses and five firmnesses to choose from.

About Your Mattress
Photo via Black Sheep Mattress

Some mattresses contain toxic materials

Not many people know but there is such a thing as off-gassing that happens when your mattress is made with toxic, synthetic material. Of course, they won’t harm you overnight but over a few weeks or months, they will. It’s for this reason, and also for environmental reasons, that Black Sheep mattresses are sustainably made with natural and organic, non-toxic and non-synthetic materials. The brand actually takes its environmental initiatives very seriously and has partnered with an Alberta-based tree-planting business as well. A tree is planted for every mattress sold.

Some mattresses are made to last longer

This is basic logic. Because one side of the mattress might be taking more load, in the long run, that side/part sags permanently. So, mattresses that are flippable and rotatable last much longer, as is the case with Black Sheep mattresses.

You can usually give new mattresses a test-run or adjust their firmness

This, in point of fact, is highly recommended. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new feel and after a few weeks on a new mattress, you may realize you didn’t pick the right firmness. It’s for this reason Black Sheep gives you 90 days to decide on a firmness and they will even rebuild the mattress for you (on-site!) if the mattress is too soft or too firm for your liking.

Don’t know about you, but after all this bed talk we sure are ready to walk our way to better sleep!