Look, we’ll admit the lockdown had its benefits- we had more time for ourselves, we had a ready excuse to get out of forced-upon-us plans, we had no need for clothing other than our fave jammies. That said, our sheltered-at-home lifestyle did increase our travel itch. Fortunately, with Alberta being in Stage 3 of its Open for the Summer Plan, we are ready to road trip our way out of the lockdown.

As if reading our thoughts, Volkswagen launched the All-New 2022 Taos this Summer. Not only is the timing perfect, the new compact SUV is designed for on-road adventures. A spacious 5-seater, the Taos with available 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive making it an all-season vehicle. With a folding rear seat and a centre pass through, the trunk can fit a good 25 cubic feet of stuff in it- meaning the versatile Taos is always game for an adventure. 

vw taos
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Now, whether you choose to drive in your old ride or your new 2022 Taos, we’ve teamed up with Volkswagen to bring you 6 awesome road trips, all under a 4-hour drive from Edmonton. 

Jasper National Park

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Of course, this topped our list! Jasper is every outdoor enthusiast’s personal haven. From hiking and biking trails to adventures over and under the water to riding the sky tram to strolling along the Columbia Icefield skywalk, there are so many ways to fall in love with this tiny town in the Rockies. And their stay situation is just as cute (and in some cases, classy) as the town itself. We recommend picking a lodge instead of an inn.

Where: AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 3.45 hours

Elk Island National Park

elk island
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Often underrated but an Edmontonian favourite, this all-season park is the perfect destination for wildlife watchers, activity junkies and stargazers. The ideal itinerary: hike, boat and golf by day and gaze at the surreal, star-studded sky by night. Oh, and don’t forget to check the forecast if you’re hoping to witness the Northern Lights. 

Where: Saskatchewan, AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 0.5 hours

Sylvan Lake

sylvan lake
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Whether you want to get busy with outdoorsy stuff- hiking, biking, karting, golfing, water-sporting- or soak up some tan relaxing on a towel at the beach or take a stroll down the colourful marina, Sylvan Lake is the place to be. The great news? Unlike most small towns, this beautiful lakeside town boasts a pretty vibrant nightlife as well. Clearly, a destination for all moods, eh? 

Where: AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 1.45 hours

Whitecourt Waterfalls – Hard Luck Canyon

whitecourt falls
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The Hard Luck Canyon is the perfect destination for a spontaneous, one-day getaway from the city. You’ll find yourself hiking through the shortest and easiest trail, a mere 1km long, to reach the hidden tiered Whitecourt Waterfalls. The hike, though short, does not lack spectacular views. The trail also takes you up on the bridge running atop the fall which serves as a great viewing spot. And if you’re in the mood for a bit more exercise, walk down the stairs all the way to the floor of the canyon to see the walls up-close and get a fisheye view of the area.

Where: AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 2 hours


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Banff, who?! Athabasca is a peaceful hideout for when you need to get away from the city hustle to rewind. The town is the best lazy holiday destination with a total of 5 things you can do− hike, fish, cruise the river, golf and check out the historic railway station. And if there’s just one you want to do, we suggest you ditch the first four because the railway station, built before World War I, is definitely not to be missed.

Where: AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 1.45 hours

St Paul UFO Launching Pad

ufo launch pad st paul
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You might not have seen it but you definitely know St Paul, thanks to the iconic St Paul UFO Launching Pad in the town. Built as a mark of Canada’s centennial celebration and also its ‘all accepting’ character, the launchpad is a monument you don’t want to miss. While driving all the way here just for the monument is still worth but if you want to make a day of it there’s a museum, the lakeshore and a couple of interesting trails to check out. 

Where: St Paul, AB
Drive time from Edmonton: 2 hours

So friends, there you have it. Happy road-trippin’!