Why would we write a guide on how to find the best Christmas trees in Vancouver? Oh, you didn’t hear the news then. We’re now a forum for home improvement projects in the Lower Mainland, so it only makes sense… Nah, just goofing. We were actually thinking of buying one so we thought ‘heck, let’s just write as we explore’. And now here we are.

Here are the best options for Christmas trees in Vancouver.

The Lot Tree

christmas trees vancouver

Our number 1 pick for two reasons. First, you get that classic Christmas tree that everybody wants year after year. Second, if you go to Aunt Leah’s Christmas Tree Lots, you’ll feel good knowing that all profits go towards youth in the foster care system and mothers in need.

The Griswold Family Christmas Tree

“People forgot how to have a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas”. Feeling like Clark Griswold this year? Take a Saturday and drive out to Fort Langley to experience a U-cut tree farm. We really like Dogwood, which has been going for 50 years strong.

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Relax, it’s a rental


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The latest wave in the Christmas tree ocean is the option of renting live trees. That’s right, you just order one up, take care of it and enjoy the smell over the holidays, then have it picked up. It goes back in the ground and stays alive until next year, when you can do it all again!

The Minimalist Approach


Ok, so maybe a studio apartment is not the best place for a 12-foot high Douglas Fir. Before you think you have to miss out on the fun, try and find just a little guy for the holidays. The easiest one to find is the Norfolk Island Pine, but some garden centres might have other varieties available. We’re just going to drop some cash at Shikoku, because why not?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

christmas trees vancouver

Now, we’re not nearly creative enough to do this, but it’s a smart idea. The David Suzuki Foundation recommends trying your hand at making a tree using scrap or found material. Once again, we can’t do this, but some of our more artistically-inclined friends could.

The Eco-Friendly Fake Tree

christmas trees vancouver

For the record, we stand on the side of real trees in the whole debate. But, we understand that some people like the convenience and reusability of a fake tree. Lucky for them, there are now options that include recycled plastic and eco-friendly packaging. Reduce your carbon footprint in all areas of life, folks!

And that’s our guide on where to get the best Christmas trees in Vancouver this holiday season! We’re living in some pretty tight quarters ourselves, so we think it’s time to take the leap and get a bonsai. It’ll outlive us, and we’re cool with that.