To live and learn in the great white north means something a little different to everyone. To many, being Canadian means finding happiness at the bottom of a Tim Hortons double double, while for others it’s all about meeting a “sorry” quota before a big breakfast of flapjacks and maple syrup. Of course, if that’s all it takes, who’s to say that you have to be born a “buddy” to be a “guy”? Hear us out, because if appreciation for the Levy family and Trudeau’s elbows is where we’ve set the bar, American Paul Rudd might be the MOST Canadian out there.

Named this year’s Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine, the ageless wonder has repeatedly gushed about his love for our country and we think that we should that should count for something – like an award or a key to the place.

Not sure what we mean? Here are 5 reasons that Paul Rudd should be granted honorary Canadian status. 


There’s a belief that Canadians are all about snow and hockey, and while this may be true, there’s something that we love even more than the great game – President’s Choice cookies. To name drop a lesser-known local delicacy is truly deserving of respect, admiration, and the highest quality flannel button-up.


In a 2019 interview, Rudd brought the entire country to its knees when he said that Catherine O’Hara’s character in the Iconic Canadian TV Show Schitt’s Creek was “quite possibly the greatest creation since the Mars Rover,” adding that it and her co-star and co-creator of the series, Eugene Levy, were something to behold.


Canadians are stereotypically humble – and what is more humble than politely asking to learn more about Hot One’s host Sean Evans mid-interview? Among telling Evans that he was impressed with his “stick-to-it-iveness” he also called him a ‘pro athlete’ in the world of interviews and chicken wing eating.

If you’ve never seen this 30-minute video before, please, take some time to watch it. It’s really as wholesome as it gets.



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We don’t have enough fingers to could all of the times that Paul Rudd has mentioned Canadian food in interviews, not to mention that the guy was spotted several times at Hudson’s Canadian Tap House (often referred to as “Canada’s Pub”) while filming Ghostbusters: Afterlife in Alberta.

Though he had the money to go literally anywhere else, he chose Hudson’s – and that? That’s pretty Canadian.


Rudd, who actually grew up in Kansas, is a huge sports fan. From baseball and football to Canada’s sport, hockey – there’s no doubt in our minds that he’s one of the loudest in the stands – and really, anyone who can bang on the glass with the best of us – is one of us.

So there you have it, folks. 5 reasons that Paul Rudd should be granted honorary Canadian status. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

Heck, let us know who else you think should be named an honorary Canadian. We’re curious. Happy debating, friends!