We love the hustle and bustle of city living. But sometimes it’s nice to find a quiet outdoor area and just relax for an afternoon. Nothing says summer like a picnic blanket and a good book, right? Although you may think that achieving such a feat would be difficult in a city as busy as ours, Toronto always finds a way to pull through. There are loads of little nooks and hidden getaways just waiting to be explored. So pack up that blanket, grab your favourite book and some snacks, and head on out to any of these amazing locations.

Here are 5 quiet places to relax outdoors in Toronto.


Despite the fact that it’s located in one of the busier Toronto neighbourhoods, the Toronto Music Garden is a surprisingly peaceful place to spend an afternoon. The tall foliage and white noise from the nearby water provide an almost soundproofing effect to the area. You’d hardly know you were right next to a busy city street! Plus, the scenery is seriously beautiful to look at. We recommend bringing your favourite book and setting yourself up for an afternoon of peaceful bliss.

Where: 235 Queens Quay W


You’ve only got a few more weeks before school resumes and students take over this quiet spot. But until then, the quad at UofT’s Victoria College makes for a beautiful outdoor serene location. Hidden away within the campus, you’ll be surrounded by the gorgeous (and ancient) buildings of the school. Plus, there’s a nearby pond with a mini waterfall that’s yours to enjoy. Pack up a blanket and pick a spot on the grass to camp out with some snacks and a good book.

Where: 73 Queen’s Park Cres

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There are loads of busy beaches that are great for an outdoor day in the sun. But if you’re looking for a quieter getaway, Marie Curtis is the way to go. Tucked away on the edge of Etobicoke, this beach makes for a lovely day of uninterrupted lounging in the sun. You can go for a dip in the water, work on your tan, or just put on a peaceful playlist and relax.

Where: The Foot of 42nd St, South of Lakeshore Rd W


You’ll have to venture up to North York for this quiet spot, but we promise that it’s worth the trip. Go for a walk among some of the prettiest blooming flowers in the city at Edwards Gardens (aka Toronto Botanical Gardens). There’s an incredible ravine running through the place that’s been known to be home to more than a few families of ducks. Plus, there are loads of shady spots where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather.

Where: 777 Lawrence Ave E


This beautiful spot has pretty much everything a peaceful outdoor location needs. There’s a bike trail, a pond, picnic sites, and even a butterfly park full of gorgeous wildflowers and fluttering butterflies. Sounds peaceful already, huh? We recommend setting up a blanket in a spot where you can watch the sailboats bobbing in the water.

Where: 100 Humber Bay Park Rd

Ahh, just talking about these places has got us a little more relaxed and peaceful. Be sure to stop by any one of them for a quiet getaway within the city.