Hey peeps, we’re back to showcase some of the best and weirdest things the internet has to offer. Because after all, we’re probably spending a lot of time surfing. So with that in mind, here are 5 of the weirdest webcams and live streams to check out this week.

Drive Me Insane

Have you ever wanted to be able to interact with a live stream? Well, this one you can and it’s pretty unique. Drive Me Insane features someone’s room and your job is to turn the lights on and off and send messages to the monitor while you’re there. It’s pretty weird and a lot of fun.

Centennial Bulb

Is watching paint dry a little too mainstream? Well, now you can watch a lightbulb. And not just any lightbulb, this is the longest burning light bulb in the world. Now that is pretty dang impressive. And who knows, you might just watch it burn out if you sit there long enough.

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International Space Station

If you feel the need to get out, why not relax, sit back and watch the ISS float around space. Not only is this stream pretty cool but if you watch closely, you’ll occasionally see things fly by. And sometimes the screen cuts out after that because who wants to let us in on UFO fun.

Big Rig Travels

Forget Truck Driving Simulator, this live stream that lets you see the roads as a semi-truck driver in real life. Plus you get to find out all sorts of other details like where the truck is going and how fast it’s driving. And you can finally live out your dreams of driving cross country while staying at home.

Corolla Light Resort Beach Webcam

And finally, an absolutely empty and serene beach. It’s where we’d like to be but we’ll take the digital version for now. This one might be a little more interesting than the centennial bulb but we’ll let you decide.

Okay, folks, that’s what we have for you this week. We hope you enjoy this list of the weirdest webcams and live streams to check out this week. And maybe this will inspire you to start your own because why not.