Hey, it’s us again with some, you guessed it, good news. Our country is huge and there is always something good going on in it. So, we do the work of tracking it all down and getting it to you. Why? Well, we want to give you some happiness, some good vibes, or at the very least, a smile.

Now, let’s get into the good news from last week.

Canada is looking to phase out many gas-powered vehicles by 2035

Environmental win! According to the Liberal government, all cars and light-duty trucks sold in Canada will be zero emissions. Now ain’t that something. While vehicles emissions aren’t the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas (we’re looking at you, the power grid) but this is still a great step to a greener Canada.

One of Banff’s most beautiful destinations has reopened

If you’re in need of an adventure, we’ve got your ticket. The beautiful Johnston Canyon in Banff is opening to vehicles once again with the beginning of Stage 3. After being closed since last spring, this is just plain awesome. Looking to camp? Well, bookings at Johnston start mid-July. But if you just want a day trip, jump in your vehicle because the canyon is a must-visit!

The Weeknd is making a new series with HBO

Toronto’s own Abel Tesfaye, who you might know better as The Weeknd, is going to co-write and star in a new series. The series follows a young pop star getting mixed up with a nightclub owner who might be part of a cult. Sounds intriguing! And, if The Weeknd’s performance in Uncut Gems is any indicator, that’ll be fun to watch.

A new ranking shows the best places in Canada to buy real estate

If you’re looking to add to your portfolio or get in at the ground floor of something, MoneySense just released a new ranking for you. They took a look across the country and found the best places to buy real estate for 2021. Some places featured include Bancroft, ON, Lakelands, NS, and even Greater Moncton, NB.

Some campaigns have launched to help the people of Lytton, BC

If you haven’t heard the devastating news, Lytton, BC has essentially burned down due to a wildfire. If you want to help out those affected, there are two GoFundMes called Love for Lytton and Lytton is getting tons of support from BC residents and Canadians alike currently collecting funds. And, if you’re in the area, Fraser Valley tourism associations are looking for donations of all kinds for those affected. It’s always good news to see that we can work together and help those in need.

And that’s this week’s rundown! We hope that these stories give you some good vibes, or make you want to help out those in need, this weekend. Keep cool and we’ll see you next week.