Since being legalized in 2018, navigating the new, exciting, and dare we say ~funky~ industry of cannabis hasn’t been easy on all of us. Whether you’re new to the world of weed or a longtime vet, there’s no end to the info to learn and absorb. Luckily, there are places to go & people to chat with who have all the answers we need. And one of those places is Alberta-born FOUR20 Premium Market, and we’ve teamed up with ’em to give you 5 expert tips on finding the right weed for you. 

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With 26 locations across the province, this locally-born brand has quickly become a favourite amongst cannabis connoisseurs & rookies alike. FOUR20’s educated staff are experts on all things cannabis to guide you through your buying process, making sure you have the answers you need to make the choices you want. With top-of-the-line products, expert staff, FOUR20 Dope Deals Weekly Flyers, and exclusive discounts for FOUR20 Insiders, this Alberta-brand is a no-brainer when it comes to cannabis. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with FOUR20 to give you 5 essential tips for finding the right weed for you!

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We hope this is a no brainer, but not all cannabis is the same, and not all people have the same tolerance. First of all, do you have a grip on your tolerance for THC, or are you a first-timer? For example, the regular smoker might be able to handle a 30.3% THC bud, but for the newbies out there you might want to ease into it, starting with lower THC strains and exploring your way up- just make sure you talk to the experts first. 


Concert plans? Movie night? Wednesday?? Whatever the occasion, there’s a bud for you. You;ve just gotta make sure you’re taking account of all the factors. Of course, there are very different experiences in cannabis based on a variety of factors. From the cannabinoids, terpenes, to specific strains, there are a lot of terms to navigate and then apply to your purchase. Looking to learn? Check out FOUR20’s Higher Learning blog for cannabis news, education, and culture. 


Don’t be fooled folks, THC isn’t the only star of the show here.  Terpenes, growing practices and even levels of complementary cannabinoids can affect the high. And here’s where the facts hit folks: to get the best experience, don’t chase the highest THC. For example, to elevate your high & bring it to new levels, you may want to chat with an expert about one terpene in particular- myrcene. You can even read up on all the terpenes with FOUR20’s Terpene Tuesday series to make sure you’re going after the right ones for you. 


Do you live alone? Are you using with others? Depending on when, where and what, you might want to consider your cannabis options. Luckily for literally everyone, cannabis comes in many forms: edibles, beverages, flower, vaping, and more. Each method of consumption also happens to have a different effect. So picking the perfect method for your setting is always a key decision in the buying process. 


Don’t worry, FOUR20’s got you. If you’re like us and want to get expert info straight from the source, you’ll want to hit up one of FOUR20’s 26 locations and chat with their highly (hehe) trained specialists. Extremely knowledgeable on cannabis science and top-of-the-line products of all kinds, their trained experts can help you curate the perfect experience in no time. 

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Well folks, that’s all for now. Stay tuned to FOUR20’s IG for updates on dope deals, offerings, and new locations popping up near you. Plus, you can sign up to be a FOUR20 Insider with exclusive access to dope deals on the reg. And don’t forget when in doubt in the weed world, talk to one of FOUR20’s experts.