Edmonton is a great city, but every once in a while we all feel the need to escape. If the adventure bug has you itching, here is a  list of winter road trips from your hometown that are well worth taking.

And since everyone needs a partner in adventure, we’ve teamed up with Hyundai to put together our picks of some must-hits over the colder months.

The Hyundai TUCSON is no stranger to the open road, the backroad or the “is this even a road” roads of Central Alberta. With more tech, power, space, and Hybrid capabilities, it has everything you need for plenty of weekend getaways this winter & beyond. 

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Speaking of beyond, the Hyundai SANTA CRUZ is pushing boundaries by being the first-ever Sport Adventure Vehicle designed with an SUV style and open-bed versatility. Truck by day, SUV by night (or vice versa), the SANTA CRUZ matches every adventure lifestyle.

Ready to roll? Here are 5 winter road trips from Edmonton  to take this year.


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No Edmonton road trip list will ever be complete without the Town of Jasper. Nestled in the Rockies, Jasper might be even more idyllic throughout the winter months. With blankets of snow covering the town, bright holiday lights lining the streets, and about a million and one activities to do, Jasper never disappoints.  


elk island
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Our go-to road trip destination when we’re wanting to stay close to the city. Only 40 minutes from the city, Elk Island has plenty to do all through the year. The winter weather doesn’t only provide a gorgeous setting, but it makes this season the ideal time for wildlife spotting, snowshoeing, and stargazing. 


In the heart of Icefields Parkway lies one of the largest non-polar ice fields in the world- and you can explore it for yourself. A trip to the Columbia Icefield will include a ride on a massive Ice Explorer, where you’ll be transported to a spot you can walk, explore, and even drink right from the Athabasca Glacier. So whether you’re passing through on the way to BC or going up for the day, this is one adventure that’s an absolute must. 


abraham lake
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Breathe in, lace up your skates, grab the hand of someone special and do a few laps on a sheet of Alberta’s most unique ice. Deep in the mountains, between snow-covered peaks, you’ll find Abraham Lake, a scientific anomaly, a hidden gem, and an Instagram dream. Just a few hour trip from the city, and you’ll be skating on Abraham’s ice bubbles in no time. 


There is no place like the Rockies, and that rings especially true for Maligne Canyon. And during the winter, you can experience the Rockies’ deepest canyon in the most unique way. With icy cave-like passages, majestic frozen waterfalls, and a frozen canyon floor, you can embark on a guided Icewalk for the adventure of your dreams. 

Ready to hit the road? After that list, we are too. And before you do, remember to check out the new Hyundai TUCSON and SANTA CRUZ. A road trip is an adventure no matter how you do it, so why not add a Hyundai to your journey and really enjoy the ride.