Workout lethargy is a legit thing people. The same routine over and over is neither enjoyable nor effective. The only logical solution: spruce up your fitness and wellness routine. Thankfully for us Torontonians, that won’t be much of a challenge, courtesy of Sweat and Tonic.

If you haven’t already sweated it out at this one-of-a-kind fitness centre, allow us to fill you in. So, the place is not your usual run-of-the-mill gym but a complete wellness centre with workout studios, a café, a bar, a workspace, spa treatments and even a luxury event space for private and corporate events. In fact, the Tonic House bar (a must-visit for cocktail lovers) and the nutbar cafe are open to the public.

As for the rest of their wellness amenities and spaces, you can grab a monthly membership for unlimited classes, which even includes some guest passes. Or pay per use with what they call credit packs.

What truly makes the place unique is that it makes you fall in love with fitness with its unique variety of workouts (150+ classes across 3 studios each week, to be precise), wellness services and luxe amenities. And below are 4 unreal workouts at Sweat and Tonic that you need to add to your summer routine RN!


S&T - HIIT Workout Studio
Photo via Sweat and Tonic

The place offers many different types of high-intensity, three-dimensional workouts involving treadmills, boxing bags, and weights, all of which come with creative intervals that build your cardio, resistance and strength. Choose from full-body, core, booty or slow-burn options and couple this with their incredible sound system, electric music and high-on-energy instructors and you have an epic combo. Basically, you can sculpt and tone your body and truly have fun doing so right alongside your Sweat Fam.

Yoga & Pilates

S&T - Candlelit Yoga Studio at Sweat and Tonic
Photo via Sweat and Tonic

Whether you want to strengthen your core, maximize your flexibility, improve your mobility, get your ultimate relaxation on, or all of the above, Sweat and Tonic’s full-body Pilates and Yoga workouts have you covered. Plus, you can choose if you want it to be a balanced sort of a class or a sweat fest. They’ve got both. In fact, they have 13 different classes ranging from strength-building to meditative Yoga to Hot HIIT to Pilates.

And if you’re one to think Yoga is dull, well, we dare you to take the Vinyasa Flow and the Yin & Calm class! The one that we found particularly intriguing was the “Meditation & Breath” class, which happens in a candlelit studio.


S&T - Ride Workout Studio
Photo via Sweat and Tonic

Spinning is only as fun as the music and ambience that come with it. And Sweat and Tonic has mastered them both. While the kickass beats will keep your energy up, the mesmerizing lights will put you in a trance, one you don’t want to get out of.


S&T - Somadome Meditation Pod
Photo via Sweat and Tonic

Now, this isn’t a workout but relaxing and rejuvenating is an exercise too, one you have to carefully plan and execute. And Sweat and Tonic has everything you need. Infrared sauna, massage therapy, acupuncture, vitamin shots and more. You don’t want to miss out on their Somadome meditation pods. There’s nothing more relaxing than that.

The gravy on top is that you don’t even need to worry about equipment, mats, spin shoes, towels or whatever else you might need during and after the workout. Sweat and Tonic will take care of everything. You just show up!

Just so you know, Sweat and Tonic is currently offering a 3-class intro pass for new members for a mere $50. Meaning, now is a great time to give all three of their studios- HIIT, Ride and Yoga— a try. And when you like it (yes, you will!), you can get an unlimited monthly membership for $250. Pretty neat, eh?