It’s extremely cold, but if you’ve been outside in the last 24 hours you certainly don’t need us to tell you that. Instead, we’re here to deliver some good news – and a warning to those who are prone to weather-induced headaches.

According to Environment Canada, Calgary could see a 30°C difference in its temperature between now and Saturday – but it’s not all warm winds and sunny days ahead.

“We see these very cold temperatures that we’re in now persist until at least the 23rd, then a huge jump by Saturday the 24th,” Natalie Hasell a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada told Curiocity.

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Photo via Environment Canada

“These temperatures will continue to be quite warm, and our slightly longer-term forecast does suggest that Calgary’s temperatures should remain in these warmer conditions – which in this case, are above normal by the time we get to Christmas,” she explained.

These cozier conditions could also kick off the new year – but it’s important to note that such a dramatic change does have its challenges.

“There is a little bit of concern though – if we look at these forecasts, Calgary could be in a freeze-thaw cycle.”


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“Temperatures in the day are above 0°C, temperatures at night are below 0°C –  so anything that melts, like the snow that Calgary has now or the snow you could get on Friday – could refreeze.”

This means that road conditions, as well as pedestrian walkways, could get pretty dodgy, so drive slow and watch your footing!

While today’s chilly -28°C may jump to a comfortable 4°C by this weekend, it’s important to dress warm, stay upright and be extra careful at all times – unless you’ve asked for a broken arm for Christmas. 

Happy holidays and be safe, friends. It looks like our luck is changing!