We love to dabble in some fun facts. It’s how we get our Tinder dates to never talk to us again. You just hit ’em with the “did you know that dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror?” and they go “why do you know that and why are you telling me?” Super fun. We decided to up the ante and give you 15 fun facts about Calgary, our own beloved city. Let’s dive in!

Here are 15 fun facts about Calgary!

fun facts about calgary

  1. The Calgary Stampede features the largest rodeo in the world
  2. Fish Creek Park is the second-largest urban park in Canada
  3. Calgary was named the 4th most livable city in the world in 2018
  4. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Calgary was a bone chilling -45 °C
  5. You can walk 18km through downtown without ever going outside via the Plus 15 network!
  6. The median age in Calgary is a sprightly 36 years, making it a very young city
  7. Almost a quarter of Calgary’s population is foreign-born
  8. According to Clearwater, Calgary is the cleanest city in the world
  9. There are more volunteers per capita in Calgary than any other Canadian city
  10. Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city, with 333 average sunshine days per year
  11. June tends to be the rainiest month, and January tends to be the coldest. Calgary weather follows no rules, though
  12. On summer solstice, Calgary gets almost 17 hours of sunlight. Yay!
  13. On winter solstice, Calgary gets a little less than 8 hours of sunlight. Boo!
  14. Calgary’s altitude of 3,800 feet is downright lofty- well above (pun intended) the Canadian average
  15. The Chinook winds can raise the temperature by as much as 20 degrees in a matter of hours

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fun facts about calgary

How many times did we just say “Calgary?” Way too many. Hope you enjoyed the fun facts about Calgary, Calgary!