With a real estate scene like the one Toronto boasts, it’s no surprise the city is home to some of the coolest buildings around town. There are loads of architectural wonders to marvel at, whether you’re walking or driving through the city. From residential buildings to offices to the occasional university campus, these stellar spots are sights for sore eyes.

Here are 12 of the coolest buildings you can see in Toronto.


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Just off of Berczy Park, you’ll find a building unlike any other. The Gooderham Building, aka the Flatiron Building, is seriously unique in its shape. When you take a look at it, you’ll see why. The entire thing comes to a point at one end, giving it a triangular shape. This spot is a historic office building that comes complete with a basement pub.


coolest buildings toronto

If you’ve ever hopped off the DVP at Richmond St, then you’ve passed this rare architectural find. The cube house is a residential building unlike any other. What makes it so special? Just look at it! The unusual structure actually is home to one Toronto resident.


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This spot is home to the University of Toronto’s architecture school. So it’s only fitting it’s out-of-the-ordinary in that department. What makes this spot unique is its hybrid design of old and new. When you approach the building from one direction, it looks like an ancient historical work. From the other direction? It’s modern as ever.


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When you visit the AGO, it’s safe to say the art on the walls isn’t the only attraction. The building itself is something to marvel at too! From winding staircases to skylights and more. This stellar spot is nothing to sneeze at.


coolest buildings toronto

Another hybrid-esque building in Toronto has got to be the ROM. Ever since the infamous extension was added to the spot, this cool building has been hard to ignore. The unmistakable addition was inspired by crystalline forms and is unmissable when you pass it on the streets.


toronto cool buildings

Fun fact – Toronto is home to North America’s only real castle. Yep, we’re talking Casa Loma. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported right into an ancient romance when you pay these gorgeous grounds a visit. We recommend stopping by in the summer when their outdoor restaurant is in full swing.


coolest buildings toronto

Are you a true Torontonian if you haven’t spent an afternoon at the Toronto Reference Library? Whether you’re a student finishing up an assignment, a business person looking for a little quiet, or just hoping to see what all the hype is about. This spot is so neat it’s hard to believe it’s a library.


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Okay, so for those of us who live here this spot may seem fairly normal. But when you think about the idea of a roof-retracting stadium, it’s actually pretty wild. Home to our Toronto Blue Jays, this unique building makes up the very fabric of the city.


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If you ask any University of Toronto student about this spot, they’ll likely groan in your face. But that doesn’t discount the unique aspects of this campus location. Many have nicknamed this library “the turkey” because of its uncommon shape. When you’re inside, the high ceilings and concrete walls are seriously daunting.


coolest buildings toronto

If you’ve been to the Aga Khan Museum, you’ve likely spotted this gorgeous building nearby. The Ismaili Centre is a mosque and community centre here in Toronto. It’s only the sixth of it’s kind in the world. And, well, it’s pretty darn pretty.


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This next pick is located on the Toronto Islands and comes with a special backstory. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is said to be haunted. The ghost story is all about a murder that happened because of a beer dispute… Have we got you hooked yet? You can check it out in person and learn more on your next trip to the islands.


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Of course, we can’t talk about Toronto’s coolest buildings and not mention the CN Tower. This amazing spot is what puts our skyline on the map. Whether you’re a Toronto-native or a visitor, there’s no doubt you’ve got to see this spot at least once. Marvel at its height from the base or take the never-ending elevator ride to the top and walk on that infamous glass floor.

So which of Toronto’s coolest buildings have you stopped by in person? We don’t know about you, but this list has inspired us to take a driving tour of the city, checking out each amazing spot along the way.