Spooky season will be here before you know it. So you might as well get in the mood with some delightfully scary movies, right? What’s a better way to do that than by watching some of the spookiest movies filmed in Seattle and the PNW? Here are 11 of the best horror movies made in and around Seattle.

The Ring


We’re talking about the 2002 remake starring Naomi Watts that scared the hell out of us as youngsters (and still holds up). Washington just so happens to be the perfect place to film this spooky film. Because water (and a grey, washed-out tone) play a huge role and you know we just so happen to have a ton of that. It’s safe to say this is one of the most iconic horror movies made in Seattle.

The Changeling

This is a film we don’t hear much about but it’s a good one. Although the majority of the film was shot up north in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, there are plenty of Seattle sites included like the Stimson-Green mansion on First Hill.  So you know, you can go check it out if you end up getting really invested.

Lovers Lane

If you’re into slasher flicks with lots of drama you don’t want to miss out on this 1990s classic. It was filmed around Redmond, Issaquah, Fall City, and North Bend. So you’ll get some of those classic PNW, Twin Peaks vibes and if you’re on the east side, you might just recognize a few spots.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

This Tacoma-based thriller is all about a psycho nanny (every parent’s worst nightmare right?). While it’s good and spooky we’ll warn you that this movie has some pretty dark themes so be prepared if you plan on watching. That being said, it’s a great 1990s horror flick and of course, it features our favorite Southern Washington city, Tacoma.

The Stranger Beside Me

Interested in true crime? Well, this film details the experience of Anne Rule and Ted Bundy. It’s a chance to learn a little bit more about one of our state’s most famed serial killers. After all, sometimes real life is scarier than fiction.

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The Vanishing

This 1993 film has a star cast featuring both Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges. It’s a wrenching psychological thriller that takes place in Seattle and greater Washington state. You’ll get to see local spots like the Seattle Yacht Club, Sur La Table, and more.

The Night Strangler

This 1973 film is the oldest one to grace the list but it’s still worth watching. After all, you’ll get to see some pretty great sets and costumes. It’s about a reporter checking out a series of murders in Seattle so you get plenty of great local shots. Plus you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me


You know this list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate PNW series. While this show isn’t exactly horror it definitely explores some very otherworldly themes. Of course, we have to mention the accompanying film, Fire Walk With Me as well.

Rose Red

It’s hard to go wrong with Stephen King. This film adaptation centers around a haunted mansion which just so happens to be Thornewood Castle in Lakewood. As an early 2000s film, it’s full of some pretty fun special effects.


This film just so happens to be the one that launched Mark Wahlberg into stardom so you’ll get to see him before all the fame. He plays a psycho hunk who Reese Witherspoon just so happens to fall for.

Looks like you have plenty of flicks to watch in the coming weeks. Enjoy all of the horror movies made in Seattle!