Welcome to 2021, folks! If you’re looking to start things on a healthier foot, then we suggest checking out some amazing virtual workout classes from Vancouver’s best studios. And, we’ve got everything from classic yoga classes to high-intensity and equipment-dependent options. Basically, however you want to stay in shape, we’ve got options.

Here are 10 Vancouver studios offering amazing virtual workout classes.

Tight Club

The new TCTV option from this super popular studio is a great option for those looking for simple workouts that will keep them in great shape. You’ll have access to both livestreams weekly and a full catalogue of on-demand workouts ranging from 15-35 minutes. Finally, a community Slack hub offers even more insight into making the most of it.

Cost: $45/month, click this link to check out a 7-day free trial


Full disclosure- we think Napoleon Dynamite dancing his heart out to Canned Heat might be one of the best motivators for working out ever. And with iDance’s virtual studio, it’ll be easier than ever for us to follow in his footsteps. The best part? We can bring our sweet dance moves to the club when they eventually reopen.

Cost: $10 and up, click here for more info


This Vancouver-based fitness studio launched a new concept, REVEL, in 2020. It’s basically an online hub for everything fitness-related, from virtual streams to personalized training and even the workout equipment to go with it. There’s a huge variety of classes to check out, from high impact to spin and even pre/post-natal stuff.

Cost: $39.99/month, click this link to check out a 7-day free trial


Maybe instead of dance or regular workouts, pretending to be Rocky is your motivator this year. Well, with Rumble boxing you’ll be able to bring that dream to life. Opt for an intense shadowboxing workout, or go with the personal training route if you already have a heavy bag for some reason.

Cost: $10/class and up, click this link to check out a free 14-day trial


This full-service sports performance clinic offers 2 separate online classes for recovering or developing athletes. The ‘Bazooka’ class focuses on shoulder reprogramming, while ‘Ground Control’ is about relearning movement techniques in the context of neuroplasticity. We’re out of our depth here, fitness-wise, but it does sound interesting.

Cost: $90 for each 1-month program, click here for more info

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Jaybird combines yoga, pilates, and barre workouts for three different levels of intensity across their classes. For the online offering, they keep a rotating selection of classes, taking out some as they add new ones each week, to help with ‘decision paralysis’. We have to admit, that sounds like it would help us.

Cost: $30/month, click this link to check out a 7-day free trial

Lagree West

This slow and controlled alternative to Pilates has some very devoted followers. We have to admit, the recent rise of at-home workout options like Peloton and Lululemon’s Mirror has us rethinking the cost of a Microformer ($890 USD). Even still, Lagree West offers mat-based exercises as well.

Cost: $18 and up monthly, click this link to check out a 7-day free trial


This Vancouver favourite yoga studio has a got serious online studio of workouts to cruise through. Whether you want something relaxed or a real doozy of a session, Yyoga’s knowledgeable teachers have got you covered. Perfect for those trying to limber up for the summer.

Cost: $12.99/month, click this link for a 7-day free trial

Club Row

Club Row is probably the most fun workout space that you can now recreate at home. But, like Lagree, you do need access to a pretty specific piece of equipment. So, if you’re planning to dip your toes in rowing waters (which, personally, we think is more fun than biking) this is the place to start.

Cost: $14.99 USD/month, click here for more info

The Bar Method

This North American favourite is offering online bar classes through prerecorded classes ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. And what’s even better is that they’re offering a 14 day free trial of their online classes. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite workout.

Cost: $55 USD for 3 months, click this link for a 14-day free trial

And that’s our roundup of some great Vancouver studios offering virtual workout classes right now! Now, pick one and enjoy yourselves while working out at home, folks.