Just because it’s no longer summer, doesn’t mean we can’t hit the great outdoors for a little walk. This year, tons of Toronto parks are upping their winter maintenance to make them more usable for the people of the city. Any chance to get outside and get active is a chance we’ll jump on. So we’re definitely planning on hitting up a few of these spots throughout the season.

Important to note: The City Of Toronto just issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert. So if you go to any of these winter parks, make sure you have dressed appropriately. 

Here are 10 parks in Toronto with outdoor winter maintenance.


winter maintenance toronto parks

This west-end park has tons of paths and walkways to explore. Both their paved and non-paved areas are winter maintained this year. Plus, there’s plenty of room for social distancing. They even have two on-site skating rinks to check out while you’re there.

Where: 1873 Bloor St W


If you’re out in Etobicoke, you’ve got to check out Humber Bay Park this winter. The go-to spot for locals in the area has a ton of room for you to walk around. Fair warning though, the non-paved pathways and the areas close to the lake are not winter maintained. So choose your park route with that in mind.

When: 2225 Lakeshore Blvd W


Heading up to North York, we’ve got the classic Sunnybrook Park. This massive area has five kilometres of winter maintained roads to walk along. There are also tons of parking lots on-site if you’re coming from elsewhere in the city.

Where: 1132 Leslie St


winter maintenance toronto parks

Over in Scarborough, a go-to location has got to be Bluffer’s Park. Whether you’re walking along Lake Ontario or enjoying the views from above, this spot is pretty any time of year. Most of the area is winter-proofed, but the dirt walkways are not winter maintained. So be sure to keep that in mind for your visit.

Where: 1 Brimley Rd S


A smaller Scarborough spot that’s just as pretty is the Port Union Village Common Park. This place has only 1 kilometre of winter maintained paved pathways. So it’s perfect for those of you looking for a quick dash outside without a lot of commitment.

Where: 105 Bridgend St


Be sure to bring your toboggan when you go for a winter walk at this location. The paths through this park and cleared and salted. So if you’re looking for a socially distanced walk-spot, this is one that won’t miss.

Where: 790 Queen St W


This winter-ready outdoor park has everything from a pathway loop to a dog’s off-leash area. There are three kilometres of trails to explore. Plus, the spot is located right in the Beaches neighbourhood.

Where: 2075 Queen St E


winter maintenance toronto parks

More people have been hitting the Toronto Islands this winter than ever before. Just a quick ferry ride will take you to this winter wonderland. Almost every paved walkway is up to par with winter maintenance. Plus, you’ll get stellar views of the city skyline you won’t find anywhere else.

Where: Toronto Islands, Toronto


Another great spot to hit for amazing views has got to be Coronation Park. Located right on the water, this outdoor oasis is gorgeous any time of the year. Right now, you can stop by for cleared pathways, dog off-leash areas, and tons of bike trails.

Where: 711 Lakeshore Blvd W


University of Toronto students can take a break from their studies to stroll through Queen’s Park. This outdoor area is smack in the middle of campus and right up to par this season. There are three bike trails and a winter-maintained walkway perfect for your outdoor exercise.

Where: 110 Wellesley St W

So check out all these Toronto parks next time your stir-craziness starts to set in. Thanks to the city’s winter maintenance, they’re safe as any season.