Now that it’s 2021, we plan on filling our schedule with all the fitness classes we can find… Well, for at least a month we will. By then, we’re sure our New Year’s resolutions will have dwindled. But that’s a story for another day. Today, we’re focusing on all the ways to get fit from home. No lockdown can get in the way of our grind!

Here are 10 Toronto fitness studios offering great virtual classes.


Cycle your way through January with online classes from this Toronto spot. They specialize in Spin, HIIT, Lift, and Flow classes for people at all levels. Fair warning- you will need some equipment for these workouts.

Where: Check it out online


This Toronto spot is offering up tons of high-intensity virtual workouts. All you’ve got to do is log on and you can participate in live boot camps, glute grinds, and more. All you need is a mat and connection to the internet!

Where: Check it out online

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Get right to the core of your workout with these virtual classes. This studio offers your choice of live stream OR on-demand workouts right at your fingertips. Plus, their monthly membership is only $25, so you’re really getting your bang for your buck.

Where: Check it out online


Want to release a little pent up stress from 2020? This workout class is the one for you. Log on to participate in virtual full-body boxing fitness classes set to loads of upbeat tunes. You’ll definitely work up a sweat with this one!

Where: Check it out online

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An expert team of dancers and fitness instructors curated the perfect selection of workouts for this virtual class. This spot specializes in barre, pilates, cardio, and stretch and strength. So there’s a pretty wide range of options to choose from. Log on at home for daily streams and on-demand content.

Where: Check it out online


Speaking of pilates, another great spot for that is Body Mason. This Toronto studio has tons of on-demand virtual classes happening all the time. Their focus is on rebuilding, repurposing, and restructuring through workouts inspired by pilates. Plus, their monthly membership will only put you out about $25.

Where: Check it out online


You’ll find your zen and get fit with this next virtual class. The Saana Yoga studio takes a holistic approach to getting in shape. You can log on for on-demand classes or take part in their live workshops.

Where: Check it out online

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The Misfit Studio takes yoga and pilates moves and mixes in a little dance. Their 30-minute workouts are structured to help you feel strong and graceful. But the best part has got to be their tiny price tag. You can log on to these classes for only $10!

Where: Check it out online


It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, Oaysis Studio has got you covered. They offer a wide range of virtual classes covering workout styles like dance, yoga, and mindful movement. You can get in shape at your own pace with this amazing spot.

Where: Check it out online


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Last but not least, we’ve got Harmony Fitness. This Toronto studio has got pretty much every type of fitness class you could think of. They offer group virtual classes or on-demand selection for folks at every level. All you’ve got to do is subscribe and you’re good to go!

Where: Check it out online

So get online and get fit from home with all these amazing virtual classes. We know we’ll be signing up for one or two!