Happy Thursday Vancouver! We’re looking at a pretty sunny weekend right now, and BC eased restrictions earlier this week, so things are definitely coming up roses. And of course, we’re here to help you make the most of the next few days. Treat yourself to a nice meal, hang out with friends, or enjoy the great outdoors! The world is your oyster, or, we guess spot prawn might be more appropriate.

Here are 10 things to do in Vancouver this weekend.

Treat yourself to a cheeseburger

Apparently, Friday is International Burger Day. And while it’s not a statutory holiday, we’ll take pretty much any excuse to show off the explosion of delicious burger joints in the city. From greasy but oh so good smashed patties to decadent delights and plant-based options, you’ve got all sorts of ways to enjoy the day.

When: Technically Friday, May 28th but available whenever
Where: Click the link above for our picks

Take a bike tour of Vancouver’s public art

The Vancouver Biennale’s BIKEnnale has returned for the summer! This extensive guide offers multiple routes that will show you the best of the city’s public art. All biked out, thanks to our list of bike rides around the city? Hey, no problem, because they’ve got walking routes as well.

When: Open throughout the weekend
Where: Click the link above for routes

Or go on a new walking tour

The Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall (a mouthful, we know) has started offering walking tours of the historic Powell Street area! Prior to the Great Depression and WWII, over 8000 Japanese people lived there, with over 400 businesses operating. If you want an up-close look at a lesser-known part of the city’s history, look no further!

When: Saturday, May 29th
Where: 487 Alexander Street
Cost: $10 for GA

Return to our city’s great patios

The first thing we’ve got in mind this weekend? Heading to any of Vancouver’s amazing local restaurants for a little open-air dining with a friend. Since they’ve all been closed, we say just go wild and pick like 2-3 spots you’ve missed dining at a week! Stay tuned for some of our top options this summer, but in the meanwhile, check out an online map of all the spots that are going to be open.

When: Available throughout the weekend
Where: Click the link above for more info

Try out a Hawaiian patio pop-up

One patio option we do know about is the Hānai pop-up coming to Coho Coffee. This cult favourite concept brings all the authentic flavours of Hawai’i to Vancouver, including spam musubi, teri burgers and skewers. So if you’re looking to try something new this weekend, this is what we’re recommending.

When: Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th
Where: 1370 E Georgia Street

Wander around the Vancouver Art Gallery

There are a few exhibitions currently on at the Vancouver Art Gallery, ranging from a photography exhibition focusing on mass media and advertising, to an exploration of the gallery’s own history, to a massive video installation. And, the offsite exhibit (which is free) also has something on right now!

When:  Open throughout the weekend
Where: 750 Hornby Street
Cost: Varies

Go on a late spring hike

Ready to enjoy our beautiful surroundings? We’ve got an amazing selection of spring and year-round hikes to check out across the Lower Mainland. Before making any serious plans, we recommend checking in with local health authorities to see what they’re saying. Yeah, we know, it’s weird that BC and municipalities are on different wavelengths regarding local travel, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Play a round of disc golf

Disc golf is one of those perfect blends between a leisurely stroll in the park and a legitimately challenging activity. Whether you’re coming in casually or have a farmer’s bet against your friends, there’s no doubt that disc golf is a great way to get outside. Try Vancouver’s options, then start enjoying what the Lower Mainland has to offer!

When: Open throughout the weekend
Where: Locations around Metro Vancouver

Go be cool in the pool

Not one, but three of Vancouver’s outdoor pools opened last week! If you’re looking to get some laps in, or just relaxing on the deck, Kitsilano, Second Beach, and New Brighton have all opened for the summer. Heads up though- visits will be required to be booked in advance, alongside a few other new policies.

When: Open throughout the weekend
Where: Click the link above for more info

Enjoy some local streaming options

If you’re looking to take a break from streaming giants on movie night this weekend, then we’ve got you covered. The Cinematheque and VIFF are usually our go-to’s if we’re looking to watch a movie that is, ahem, a little more cultural than watching the green guy go smash.

When: Streaming throughout June
Where: Online
Cost: Varies

Alright folks, that’s what we’ve got in mind this weekend. We hope that you enjoy it!