Hello Vancouver! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and are ready for a week of fun ahead! On Tuesday, we can expect the BC Government to loosen some of the current restrictions in the province. So, while we’re hopeful that this happens, we’re also recommending options that are safe to do regardless!

Here are 10 socially distant things to do in Vancouver this week.

Go on a bike tour of Vancouver’s public art

The Vancouver Biennale’s BIKEnnale has returned for the summer! This extensive guide offers multiple routes that will show you the best of the city’s public art. Not really feeling like a bike ride this week? Not a problem, because they’ve got walking routes as well.

When: On throughout the week
Where: Click the link above for routes

Watch a movie premiere at home

Prepare to think just a little bit less of us, because we’ve really enjoyed a year of catching movie premieres at home. And while we’ll be some of the first people back at local theatres, we’re also not going to pass up the premiere weekend of Disney’s new live-action Cruella, which has been described as a ‘Disneyfied Devil Wears Prada’, and sounds like it’s right up our alley.

When: Friday, May 28th
Where: Disney+
Cost: $30

Play Disc Golf at Queen Elizabeth Park

If you’re looking for a way to hang with your friends outdoors in a socially distanced manner then disc golf might just be for you. And what’s even better is that the course at Queen Elizabeth Park is completely free! So grab a frisbee and your friends and try it out.

When: Open throughout May
Where: 33rd Avenue and Cambie St

Hit the Links

Confession time- we personally don’t play frisbee golf, because we’re too busy with actual golf. Along with a lot of other Canadians, we really dove into the sport last summer, since it was more or less the only thing that let us avoid interaction with other people. Turns out, as long as you don’t care about your score, it’s not nearly as infuriating as you’d expect!

When: Courses open daily
Where: Around Vancouver
Cost: Varies

Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan meal

Who says a delicious meal can’t be healthy (relatively) at the same time? Whether you’re looking to have a picnic on the beach, a patio dinner at home, or a hearty option for movie night, Vancouver has tons of vegan dining options. Personally, we’re thinking that a little solo pizza party might be the move…

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Go be cool in the pool

Not one, but three of Vancouver’s outdoor pools opened this week! If you’re looking to get some laps in, or just relaxing on the deck, Kitsilano, Second Beach and New Brighton have all opened for the summer. Heads up though- visits will be required to be booked in advance, alongside a few other new policies.

When: Open daily
Where: Click the link above for more info

Inspire your green thumb

Speaking of fun outdoor activities, we can’t help but recommend Vancouver’s amazing gardens. Most of them are in full bloom right now, and the outdoor settings (minus one spot) are perfect for sunny, but not too hot days. Our top pick for this weekend? Queen Elizabeth, especially if you add in a vegan picnic, wink wink.

Where: Click the link above for our picks

Look at a food-focused art exhibit

Do you love taking pics of food almost as much as you love eating it? Our friends sure do, which is why we told them to visit The Polygon’s latest exhibit, titled A Feast for the Eyes. The show is a roundup of some of the world’s most famous photographers, and all the pieces have one thing in common- a focus on food. What’s more, this is the final week to check it out!

When: On until May 30th
Where: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
Cost: Admission by donation

Visit a new immersive exhibition

The Firehall Arts Centre is back with a legitimate, in-person experience! They’re hosting the world premiere of yellow objects, a new project from playwright Derek Chan. Consisting of objects, voice recordings and projections, the exhibition presents two looks at Hong Kong- the city in 2019, and what the city may look like in 2050.

When: Open throughout the week
Where: 280 E Cordova Street
Cost: $15 and up

Alright Vancouver, that is what we have in mind this week! We hope you enjoy yourselves out there!