Welcome to summer folks, it’s the first week of June and things are changing for the better in the city. Okay, we know that we have three weeks to wait until summer officially begins, but we’re kicking off the month with beautiful weather and we don’t date waste it. There is tons of art to see, food to enjoy, and places to explore outside this week. Here are 10 socially distant things to do in Seattle this week.

The Race & Climate Change Festival

This month-long virtual festival is the result of two years of speculation on “future, post-climate disaster, and how climate change will disproportionately impact racial and ethnic minorities in the United States”. The festival will touch on themes and intersections of science, race, Afro-Futurism, imagination, speculation, Sci-Fi, social sciences, and philosophy. Don’t miss it!

When: June 1st-30th
Where: Online
Cost: $50

Beer & Bingo

On the first Wednesday of every month, Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. hosts a socially distanced bingo game. It’s a great way to start your month on a high note and have some fun after work. So grab a brew or two and sit down for a super fun game of bingo!

When: June 2nd
Where: 4358 Leary Way NW
Cost: Varies

Preserve the Harvest 2021 Series

This online class is all about teaching you how to preserve those amazing things you grew in your garden this winter. You’ll learn about canning, making pickles, salsas, and more. It’s a great skill to have that will bring a whole new level to your at-home gardening.

When: June 2nd
Where: Online
Cost: $5

Field To Table

Dining has gotten a lot more creative in the past year. At this point, outdoor and patio dining is pretty much the new norm but what about dining on Lumen Field? Yes, that’s where the Seahawks play and it turns out you don’t need to be a football star to step foot on the field. Field To Table is back this June with an amazing lineup of chefs.

When: June 2nd-18th
Where: 800 Occidental Ave S
Cost: $109-$119

PIANO O’CLOCK at Chophouse Row

Each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you’ll be able to enjoy live music at Seattle’s Chophouse Row. It’s a great way to enhance your shopping experience or to simply come and enjoy. Either way, it’s a relaxing weekly event that you don’t want to miss and be sure to bring your mask.

When: Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Where: 1424 11th Ave
Cost: Free/Varies

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Fremont Fringe

This event transforms Fremont into a place of movement and sound. You’ll experience dancers, musicians, visual artists, designers, inventors, photographers, and more come together to create and share within the community. It’s “a safe, socially distanced celebration of imagination and possibility”.

When: June 4th
Where: Fremont
Cost: Free

The Campfire Festival

This unique festival is all about old-timey storytelling. You can listen to half-hour original works presented in pairs to small audiences. The works come from resident artists and you’ll have an opportunity to check out talkbacks with the artists after.

When: Until June 6th
Where: 3515 S Alaska St
Cost: $25+

Hugo Moro: Garden of the Unconceived

This exhibition from artist Hugo Moro has turned a gallery space into a “dystopian greenhouse, inhabited by glistening and surreal, vines, ferns, and flowers”. The work obscures views both into the gallery and out onto the Pioneer Square neighborhood creating an unforgettable environment. Make sure to make an appointment before going.

When: Until June 12th
Where: 106 Third Ave S
Cost: Free

Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem

This amazing show features work from 80 Black artists from the 1920s to now! You’ll be able to see works by artists like Barkley Hendricks, Lorna Simpson, Jacob Lawrence, and many more. This show is one of the best to come to Seattle this year so be sure to check it out while you can.

When: Until August 15th
Where: 704 Terry Ave
Cost: Free

Summer Book Bingo

Seattle Public Libraries Adult Summer Bingo is back and better than ever! This year’s summer reading board has book slots like small press, QTBIPOC, Black joy, and more. We highly recommend participating as it’s a great way to check out new books. Plus if you finish your board you can mail it into the library for a chance to win prizes.

When: Until September 7th

That’s what we have for you to do in Seattle this week. We hope that you all have a great start to summer and we’ll catch you back here next weekend.