Sandwiches are good year-round and Seattle happens to be lucky with many amazing spots to snag them. But HoneyHole Sandwiches is perhaps one of the best between its funky decor and two decades of sandwich-making experience. It’s a dining experience that will soon be coming to Seattle’s Central District as the shop is finally expanding.

For the first time ever in HoneyHole’s history, they’re getting bigger! The brand spanking new shop opens May 31st on East Jefferson Street in the CD. Now the new space will obviously need some breaking in to get the good old spot vibes. But the new owners are doing their best to recreate the funky interior with vintage posters, colored lights, and the old sign.

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What makes the new spot particularly special is that it’s massive, three times the size of the old space. And if that isn’t enough for you, they also have an awesome patio and outdoor bar so you can enjoy the sun while eating your favorite sammy. We have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing spot to enjoy this summer (and year-round of course).

If you’re wondering, you’ll be able to find all of your old fav sandwiches and also some drinks as well. We hope that you guys get out there and show them some love on their opening. And if you’re really jonesing for a sandwich you can always head to the old faithful Capitol Hill location in the meantime.

HoneyHole Sandwiches

Where: 1305 E Jefferson
When: Opening May 31st