If you’re ready to plunge straight into the stuff of ghost stories and horror films, we’ve got just the list for you. There happen to be a ton of haunted places to check around the city. From major tourist destinations to filming locations and historic buildings, it turns out that you’ve got plenty of options if it’s a good scare you’re after. Let’s get into it: Here are 10 haunted places you can visit in and around Vancouver.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver


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One of Vancouver’s most famous hotels is also home to one of its most famous ghosts – The Lady in Red. She’s been spotted a few times, even making an appearance inside a hotel room leading a family to believe their room was double-booked. So if you plan on staying here or stopping by for a drink, you might just catch a glimpse of her.

Where: 900 West Georgia Street

The Dominion Building

Once the largest building in the British Empire, this gorgeous example of Art Deco design is just begging to be the home of a haunting. Rumour has it that it’s haunted by the architect, John S. Hellyer. And while his gruesome death is just an urban legend, we don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that something spooky is brewing there. After all, there is a Nuba location on the first floor – and we’d definitely want to be there if we were a ghost.

Where: 207 West Hastings Street

The Vogue Theatre


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One of Vancouver’s most famous live music venues is also home to a supposed spirit. For over two decades, reports have emerged of a ‘severe-looking man’ doing all sorts of stuff. He’s allegedly hung out with bands, played a couple of notes on instruments, and slammed doors. The spookiest part? There are no official records of anyone dying in the building.

Where: 918 Granville Street

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The Orpheum Theatre

It turns out that pretty much all of our city’s good theatres are haunted. From ghostly ushers to the spirit of an acrobat that died on stage, The Orpheum has its fair share of ghostly apparitions. Both guarding the space, and even applauding modern-day performances.

Where: 601 Smithe Street

Hycroft Manor


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Hycroft Manor has worn many hats over the years, from hosting lavish private parties to becoming abandoned and now, being the home of the University Women’s Club of Vancouver. There are 7 different spirits reported on the property, and we don’t doubt a few of them come from a time when the manor functioned as a veteran’s hospital. Planning a wedding here? Maybe leave one extra seat empty for a ghoulish guest.

Where: 1489 McRae Avenue

Riverview Hospital

Speaking of hospitals, this former mental health facility takes the cake for being the most haunted-looking building around Vancouver. Now used primarily as a filming location (and closed to the public), a fair number of the old buildings have been torn down, which we think just means a higher concentration of spirits in the ones that are still standing. If you’re interested on diving into this one, just click here.

Where: 2601 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam

Deadman’s Island


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There’s no doubt that this island just off of Stanley Park has a dark past. It was home to a battle between rival Indigenous tribes centuries ago, and was even used to quarantine smallpox victims during the 20th century. But if you swing by, keep in mind you’ll have to look in through the gates as it is closed to the public.

Where: Stanley Park

Waterfront Station

Apparently, everyone’s favourite transit hub happens to be one of the most haunted places in our province. And while we haven’t seen anything ourselves, a building as old as this one could easily be haunted. Waterfront Station was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and first opened to the public in 1914. With thousands of people relying on transit through the station every day, that makes for quite an interesting 100-some years.

Where: 601 West Cordova Street

Craigdarroch Castle


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If you plan on heading over to the island anytime soon, you have to check out this late 1800s castle. Not only is it a neat place to brush up on your local history, but it happens to have a few forever inhabitants. And that includes the original owner and one of his daughters. Heck, it was even the setting for a movie called Spooky House. So you know it’s got some serious Halloween vibes.

Where: 1050 Joan Crescent, Victoria

Hatley Castle

And while we’re on the topic of Victoria we figured we’d mention Hatley Castle because it’s likely haunted by the Dunsmuir family. And it just so happens to be an extremely popular filming location in BC. So if you’re on the island be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a ghost, a familiar actor, or both.

Where: 2005 Sooke Road, Victoria

The Old Spaghetti Factory

One of the most infamous spirits in Vancouver is said to reside in this spot: A phantom conductor with a particular affinity for the restaurant’s tramcar. Enjoy your pasta and breadsticks in the company of one of the most well-known ghostly apparitions in the area.

Where: 53 Water Street

Well, folks, we hope that these haunted places in and around Vancouver give you some spooky season entertainment.