Listen, we know social distancing can be hard. You’re cooped up in your home. Your roommate might be on their fifth rendition of Wonderwall on the guitar that they don’t really know how to play. Maybe you’ve run out of binge-worthy TV shows on Netflix. Or maybe you’re wondering if the most productive use of your time right now would be to develop a drinking problem. Hold it. Take a deep breath. We have a solution. These outdoor spots will give you the taste of open-air and freedom that you’ve been craving. As long as you stay 1.5-2 metres apart from others, you are welcome to roam free.

Here are 10 outdoor spots in Toronto that are safe for social distancing.


It’s everyone’s favourite downtown park. Head to Trinity Bellwoods for a gorgeous picnic with a view of the CN Tower. Or just to admire the pups in the dog bowl. Oh to be so blissfully unaware of the current goings-on in the world.

Where: 790 Queen St W


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We know this summer staple isn’t the first place you’d think of for wintertime meandering, but hear us out. If you know how pretty this place is when it’s only sand, just imagine how gorgeous it’d be covered in a sheet of snow. Pretty darn gorgeous, right? Plus, because it’s the off-season, social distancing will be easier than ever.

Where: 11 Dockside Drive


You know this place is pleasant just from the name. Ahh, Morningside. It just sounds delightful! Walk along the creek as you marvel at nature. Maybe you’ll even spot some ducks you can feed!

Where: 390 Morningside Ave


This 9 kilometre walking trail is perfect for getting outside and stretching your legs. It’s made up of three sections: York Beltline Trail, Kay Gardener Beltline Park, and Ravine Beltline Trail. So there’s plenty of room to roam around. You can hike just part of it, or see if you can knock out the whole trail in one day.

Where: Moore Park Ravine, Toronto

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NGL, this place kinda feels like stepping into a fairytale. The bushes will literally sing to you as you explore the city’s musical garden. Head here to feel whimsical and fun.

Where: 479 Queens Quay W


Let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away. Head to this spot to take a look at Toronto’s beautiful lakeshore. It might be too chilly to pack a swimsuit, but you’re welcome to walk around a dream of the brighter days to come.

Where: 1561 Lakeshore Blvd E


You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world when you hit up this Scarborough spot. You can peruse Bluffer’s Park, or explore the top of the cliffs. Just be sure to pay attention to the signs, you don’t want to get too close to the edge of these rocks.

Where: 61 Undercliff Dr, Scarborough


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This spot is perfect for tobogganing during the cold winter months. You can stop by for a socially-distanced walk, an adventure down the massive hill, or just to watch the sunset over the city skyline. No matter what time of year, that’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Where: 550 Broadview Ave


This area of the city can get a little crowded, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. But when you hit that sweet spot of limited people, the waterfront section of Toronto just can’t be beat. Walk along Lake Ontario and admire the views of the island. This is another great location to witness the sun set.

Where: 235 Queens Quay W


This spot is all the rage around springtime because of its iconic cherry blossoms. While it’s not quite time for that yet, you can roam around here and catch a glimpse of the trees before spring has officially sprung. Just don’t expect them to be blossoming just yet. You’ll have to imagine that part yourself.

Where: 1873 Bloor St W

So get out there a feel like the free bird you are. You can go for a run or a brisk walk. Or just meander about, admiring the (hopefully) melting snow. That’s what we’ll be doing!