Now that fall is officially here, we’ll bet that at least a few of you are looking to have some spooky experiences. Why not head to one of Washington’s many ghost towns. You’ll get to see relics of the past and maybe even a few ghosts if you’re lucky. Here are 10 of the coolest ghost towns that you can visit in Washington.



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Does the name ring a bell? Well, Molson was founded in 1900 in part by investor John W. Molson, who happens to have been a member of the Molson beer-brewing family. Today you can visit an outdoor collection of pioneer buildings and equipment.

Where: Okanogan County, Washington

Fort Columbia


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This fort is cool for a few reasons, firstly it’s considered one of the most intact historic coastal defense sites in the nation. Secondly, the area offers bird watching, miles of forested hiking trails, and secluded beaches. While it might sound pretty tame, the fort’s abandoned tunnels will definitely have you spooked.

Where: Chinook, Washington



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If you’re looking to hike and see a ghost town then a visit to Franklin is in order. In the 1880s Franklin was a coal-mining town complete with a school, saloons, hotel, blacksmith shop, and numerous company houses. Today you can find foundations and tombstones that still stand as a testament to what Franklin once was.

Where: King County, Washington



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If you’re planning on visiting Mount Rainier then you might as well stop at Melmont. The ghost town is near the Carbon River entrance of Mount Rainier National Park and was once a coal mine. While little remains today you can still see foundations, old equipment, and of course the scenic mountain.

Where: Wilkeson/Carbonado, Washington



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What was once a ranching community in the early 1900s is now a ghost town with some pretty picturesque buildings. Today you can check out an abandoned schoolhouse, post office, and even a few houses. It’s definitely an Insta worthy spot.

Where: Lincoln County, Washington

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Monte Cristo


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This ghost town once had hundreds of men mining the Washington earth. Today it’s a great hike that allows you to take the old route walked by miners over a century ago. While few relics remain, there are certainly things to be seen like old buildings and signage.

Where: Snohomish County, Washington

Northern State


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This town has a spooky history as it was once the largest facility for mentally ill people in Washington State. Today you can visit old pastures, barns, a milking shed, a cannery, and other structures. Keep in mind that there are still active buildings here so be careful not to trespass.

Where: Sedro-Woolley, Washington



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Yet another relic of Washington’s mining history, Bodie was once a bustling mining town with saloons, hotels, stores, homes, and of course a mine. Today you can check out some beautiful old wooden buildings, mining equipment, and more.

Where:  Okanogan County, Washington



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With an almost Marvel-sounding name, Nighthawk is pretty dang cool. It’s considered one of Washington’s oldest mining sites and several abandoned buildings, including the hotel, mine buildings, and the brothel, still stand in a picturesque valley. So get those cameras ready!

Where: Okanogan County, Washington

Liberty Ghost Town

Here’s another one of Washington’s oldest mining towns that happens to be slightly more lively as there are actually still some people living here. That being said it is still absolutely worth visiting to check out the remaining buildings from the town’s past. Beyond buildings, you’ll find interpretive signs and displays of mining equipment.

Where: Kittitas County, Washington

See, Washington has plenty of ghost towns for you to explore. Now because many of these towns are old mining towns, if you happen upon an old mining shaft or tunnel, do not enter. No matter how cool or enticing they might be, they are very unsafe and you don’t want to become a ghost yourself. With that, have fun, stay safe and be sure to snap some pics!