If there’s one thing the past year taught us, it’s that we can work from anywhere. With the rise in working from home, many are finding themselves relocating to, well, wherever the heck they want! Whether you’re a fan of small-town living or need a big city to thrive, these awesome Ontario places are great spots to live. So, as long as your workplace isn’t planning to call you into the office any time soon, you may want to consider a little move…

Here are the 10 of best places in Ontario to move to if you can work from anywhere.


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Collingwood may be small, but it packs a big punch. With the harbour bordering the southern part of the Georgian Bay and the many small shops and restaurants, this spot has a chill and relaxed vibe. Plus, it’s home to the famous Blue Mountain resort, so in the winter you’ll have nearby ski hills to explore and in the summer there are plenty of outdoor activities!


This storybook section of Markham, Ontario looks like it’s straight out of the Gilmore Girls set! That’s because it is! The pilot of the popular show was actually shot in Unionville, thanks to its cutesy small-town feel. So, if you want to live like you’re in a Hallmark movie or feel-good series, this is the spot to do it. Plus, it’s a short drive away from the City of Toronto, so you’ll be close by major amenities if you need ’em.


Haven’t you always wanted to live in Paris? Or at least to say you do… Sure, Paris, Ontario isn’t quite the same as Paris, France. But it’s still very pretty! So pretty, in fact, that it’s actually widely known as Canada’s prettiest little town! There are loads of adorable little shops and restaurants to try. Plus, tons of picturesque scenery and nearby hiking trails.


You’ll feel like your on vacation all the time if you move to Muskoka. Ontario’s popular cottage country is made up of a ton of smaller towns anyone would love to live in. Whether it’s peak season in the summer or the underrated off season in the winter, there’s plenty that makes this place great.


This next pick is often thought of as Muskoka’s younger sibling. It’s also a gorgeous destination for many cottage dwellers in Ontario. But it’s close enough to major cities to feel like you’re still a part of things. Oh, and they’ve got that famous Kawartha Dairy ice cream, so you’re all set when it comes to sweet treats. Canoeing on your lunch break? Yes, please!

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If you’re into the great outdoors, Tobermory is an awesome spot to relocated to. As part of the famous Bruce’s Peninsula, this lakeside town is known for it’s surrounding clear waters and gorgeous hiking trails. Once again, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all the time! Plus, the spot has a unique charm in the winter when all the tourists aren’t around.


Ahh, sipping wine on the vineyard, spending afternoons perusing the tiny shops along Queen Street. You’re close enough to the Falls to enjoy them time and again, but far enough away to avoid being bogged down by the crowds of tourists. It’s the laid-back life we know you’re craving.



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The perfect mix of city and small-town living is in it’s prime in Hamilton. Folks have already been known to relocate to from Toronto to this spot. You’ll get city vibes, plus tons of surrounding hiking trails and, of course, loads of gorgeous waterfalls. They don’t call it the city of waterfalls for nothing!



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Speaking of cities, living in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, isn’t too shabby either. The historic town has tons of art galleries, museums, and of course the famous market to explore. Plus, you can take a walk along the Rideau Canal to enjoy gorgeous views in the summer and ice skating in the winter.



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Of course, we’ve got to include Toronto in this list. Even if you don’t need to live in the city for a downtown office job, many would still choose to. As one of Canada’s largest urban centres, the possibilities are limited here. From entertainment to parks to restaurants and shops, there’s no end to what this spot is serving.

There you have it! Would you relocated to any of these Ontario towns or cities?