Mark your calendars, folks! The wildest event of the season is hitting Toronto this weekend. Bare all this summer in the city-wide protest that is The World Naked Bike Ride. The head-turning event takes to the streets each year to promote their message against oil dependency and urban pollution.

If you’re not familiar with The World Naked Bike Ride, it’s, well, precisely what the name suggests. Folks strip down to their birthday suits, hop on their bikes, and cycle around the city’s busiest streets. The event was originally created in Vancouver but has since expanded to over 80 cities worldwide.

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Along with the message against oil dependency and urban pollution, the bike ride is also in support of things like cycling safety and bodily freedom. It’s really quite the all-encompassing event.

The bike ride will be hitting Toronto this Saturday, June 12th. So, if you’re hoping to take part, write that down. It’s completely free to attend and has no pre-registration, so all you’ve got to do is show up and get cycling.

Whether you’re a cycler or a bystander, there’s sure to be no mistaking this wild ride. Oh – and the more modest among you? Perhaps take a peak at the route map to know which city areas to avoid. This eye-catching event will be impossible to miss!


Where: Find the Toronto route map here
When: Saturday, June 12th