Welcome to the weekend, Canada! Once again, we’re here to help kick things off with a roundup of our favourite good news stories from across the country this week. We hope this helps you start your weekend on a high note!

Here are 10 good news stories from around Canada this week.

Canada’s friendliest towns were named

To kick off the week, Expedia revealed a list of the friendliest towns in Canada for 2021. To do so, they combed through geo-tagged reviews for words like ‘friendly’ or ‘amiable’. Congrats to Radium Hot Springs, by the way, for earning the top spot this year!

A BC toddler went viral for her hilarious skiing videos

Kids say the darndest things and that’s definitely the case for 2-year-old Adia Leidums. This BC toddler has taken the internet by storm thanks to her super chatty downhill skiing videos. And honestly, she skis better than we do, you’ll definitely want to watch this.

Burger King finally announced the Impossible Whopper in Canada

“Home of the Whopper” just has such a powerful ring to it, don’t you think? Anyway, the chain is finally bringing their Impossible Whopper to Canada, after launching it in America. We consider America to be the gold standard for fast food, so we’re happy to try this out.

Canadian airlines brought some flights back

Hopefully, this ends up being good news in the long run. A few Canadian airlines like Air Transat and WestJet announced that they were bringing back some domestic routes later this summer. Fingers crossed that case rates go down while vaccinations go up this spring, so we can enjoy the new options.

Resort skiing got a lot more affordable

Speaking of skiing, things got a lot more affordable for many resorts in Canada this week. Vail Resorts announced a 20% price drop pretty much across the board, from 5-day EDGE Cards at Whistler to multi-resort EPIC passes in BC and Alberta. Either way, shoutout Vail.

The Raptors featured the NBA’s first all-female broadcast team

Anyone who listens to Candace Parker on Inside the NBA knows that women have long deserved more analyst and commentator positions in the sport. So, we were happy to see the Raptors reveal an all-female broadcast team for International Women’s Day. Alongside more permanent changes, this is a great step forward.

Poverty seems to be decreasing in Canada

At least between 2015 and 2019, it did. A recent report from the Government of Canada found that some 1.3 million Canadians were lifted out of poverty during that time, including 435,000 children and 45,000 seniors. Fingers crossed that this trend can continue in the next four years!

A coffee shop created a code for customers that are being followed

Now, this is a bit scary but it shows just how inventive Canadians can get. Customers at Harken Coffee in Vancouver, BC can order a non-fat americano to signal that they are being followed or in a bad situation. Staff can then figure out how best to help the customer. We definitely hope to see more businesses across the country doing this.

David Suzuki turned 85

A Canadian environmental icon is another year older. The environmental activist and broadcaster David Suzuki celebrated his birthday on March 24th and was met with lots of well wishes across social media. So if you haven’t already, consider wishing him a happy belated or checking out some of his amazing work.

A province stepped in to create a ‘toad road’

Honestly, we just love the idea of a toad road. This week, the region of Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island installed an underground passage for the annual migration of local western toads. If you’ve seen Rango, you know just how dangerous roads can be for small amphibians/reptiles.

And that’s our roundup of some good news stories from around Canada this week! We hope that this lifts your spirits a little heading into the weekend.