We gave up on being cool a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate trendy when we see it. Since all the cool kids are TikTok-ing it up these days, we thought we’d ease you into the best Canadian content on there. Ready to be led into the TikTok abyss? Here we go!


@indigenous_baddie✨Ib @matisseazul ##jingledress style ##native ##powwow ##indigenous♬ orijinal ses – ⚜️ Рашад Халифали

It’s not easy to blend Indigenous rituals, relatable jokes, trendy pop music, and social justice activism into one successful TikTok, but Michelle Chubb has done it! She’s currently part of Oxford House, a First Nations Cree community in Northern Manitoba.



@caleontwinsSad girl summer ✨ Who remembers the ##MultiplePhoneChallenge @maisiehpeters ##sadgirlsummer♬ Sad Girl Summer – Maisie Peters

From Family Feud Canada to TikTok, you’ve probably seen the Caleon twins somewhere before. Yes, they’re ✨twins✨, and yes, they’re Canadian. Triple whammy: they’re also Filipino and talented as hell. Toss ’em a follow before they (inevitably) get snapped up for their own twinning TV show!



@snarkymarkyPOV: you’re at work and Donna asks what your New Years resolution is♬ original sound – mark

Oh, Donna. Whether you’re looking for someone to embody your least favourite coworker (you know the one) or you just need a few laughs, Snarky Marky is here for you. The TikTok celeb is based in Toronto and boasts 4.2M followers… so buckle up!



@its_j_dogI don’t wanna hear one word about my zebra pants! ##fyp ##grandma♬ SexyBack (feat. Timbaland) – Justin Timberlake


@its_j_dogWatch out @therealdrmiami there’s a new surgeon in town! ##fyp ##grandma ♬ The Purge – “benji”

Her bio reads, “I’m 88 and probably have more followers than you”. …And she’s completely right. Alberta’s own Jenny Krupa (and her social media manager/grandson, Skylar) have amassed 2M followers on TikTok with their chaotic vibes. Tune in and realize staying young at heart is very possible thanks to the Internet.



@basementgangCan’t wait for the Leafs to hit the Ice for the home opener tonight ♬ Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

This group might be our personal fave on this list. How can you compete with pure, unadulterated joy like this?! You can’t. These Toronto friends started a frenzy with their impromptu basement dance sessions. Safe to say Nicholas McDonald, Nathaniel James and Kadeem Hemmings know how to bust a move to *any* track.

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@sophieesuchanusing my @uberliss “ocean bae sea salt spray” to help me get those perfectly textured beach waves! ##uberliss ##oceanbae ##ad♬ Money Trees – Kendrick Lamar

If you’re looking for style guides and beauty tips, Canadian TikToker Sophie Suchan has your back. From hair tutorials to beauty tricks to outfit inspo, she will have you glowing up before you even have a chance to throw it back. (Yes, we’re as old as we sound.)



@canadianproblemsHad to get an upgrade from the truck ‍♂️ ##canada##canadian##sendit##fullsend##fyp##ontario##BadDay##alberta♬ original sound – Brandon D.

From clearing snow-covered cars with hockey sticks to constant double-double sightings, this page is almost aggressively Canadian. Legend has it that if you follow this TikTok you’ll forever smell faintly like maple syrup.


@saifshawafThe English lessons be paying off ##greenscreen ##arabmom ##arab ##tiktokarab♬ original sound – Lita

Saif Shawaf’s content resonates with everyone, but his specific focus on being Canadian and having Middle-Eastern roots has drawn 2.3M followers to his TikTok page! He injects a piece of who he is into his content, and it shows.



@kallmekrisWhat I imagine it’s like to have a toddler pt @drphil ♬ original sound – Kris HC

Down for “daily subpar content”? Kris Collins, one of Canada’s biggest TikTok users, can deliver! This Vancouver-based comedy queen uses tiny hands and relatable moments to draw her users in.


@codyko♬ original sound – codyko

We had to shout out our fave short king Cody Ko! A self-described “actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper” and “Internet bad boy” (all true), Cody hails from Calgary. He’s great at roasting questionable influencers and even better at making fun of himself. Love this man!



@asapscienceSpread the science, not the virus ##learnontiktok ♬ Rasputin (7″ Version) – Boney M.

What’s that? You wanna follow an adorable couple with literal chemistry? …And biology? …And physics? (You get the idea.) AsapSCIENCE is a TikTok page created by Canadian YouTubers Mitch Moffit and Gregory Brown. The couple met while studying biology at the University of Guelph (aww!), and now they’re doing God’s work and educating us all.

Well, there you have it, fellow Canadians. 10 famous TikTokers that are actually from Canada. Who surprised you the most? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments on our Insta page!