Getting to know someone and allowing them to get to know you can be terrifying enough without having to worry about the ins and outs of where and how you’re going to meet. You want to stand out, but how exactly do you do that?! Here are a few first-date ideas in Calgary that will not only give you room to chat and laugh  – but will ALSO still be worthwhile even if you find that there’s just no chemistry.

Visit with the animals at Cobb’s

Cobb’s Adventure Park really has it all. From cuddly kangaroos, axe throwing and mini-golf, this place is a first-date fail-safe.  Here, there’s a  ton of opportunities to get to know each other better, be comfortable and enjoy yourselves, which is super important.

Where: 1500 84th Street NE, Calgary
Cost: $21.95+

Check out the Calgary Climbing Centre


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So you and your new ‘friend’ bonded on Hinge over you’re mutual love for physical activity and the outdoors? The Calgary Climbing Centre is a perfect spot for your first date. Not only is it just a ton of fun, but you can also get a sense of how supportive and encouraging your date is.

Where: See link above
Cost: $22+

Go go-karting

A little competition never hurt anybody, right? This summer, proceed with caution to Winsport Canada and go head to head on their 1800 meters downhill go-kart track or their mini-putting green! The ‘loser’ buys the other a drink afterward!

Where: 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary
Cost: $28+

Play a round of outdoor mini-golf

If, however, speed isn’t your thing, those looking for a day of fun and sun are encouraged to check out Winsport’s 18-hole course instead. The best part? It’s also pretty affordable.

Where: 168 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary
Cost: $13+

Hit a boardgame cafe


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We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a thousand more times. You NEVER really know someone until you’ve played a game of Monopoly with them. At the Hexagon Boardgame Cafe, couples can have a beer and then basically put their true compatibility to test for under $5 – not a bad deal, hey?

Where:  1140 Kensington Rd NW #200
Cost: $4

Grab a beer at Greta Bar

Chances are that some of your fondest memories were made playing SEGA or Nintendo, why not make one more? At GRETA, you can have a beer, talk a little and then kick each other’s butts during one of the many games at GRETA Bar. If all goes well, maybe you split a basket of fries. Sounds like the beginning of a love story to us! 

Where: 213 10 Ave SW, Calgary

Go stargazing 

Whether you put your feet on the dash and point your peepers through the sunroof or really commit to an evening with snacks and a picnic blanket, stargazing is a fail-safe date idea. This summer, check out one of the many dark sky reserves in and around the city–the best of which are listed in the link above. You can thank us later! 

Or get your adrenaline pumping at Calaway  

Looking for something more fast-paced? Calaway Park is a no-brainer! Take a deep breath and head out for a full day of sun, fun and of course, cheap and delicious carnival food – just consider waiting to eat until after you ride the strawberries.

Where: 245033 Range Road 33, Calgary
Cost: $29.95+ (until September 1st due to limited operations)

There you have it, love birds. First-date ideas in Calgary – now get out there and enjoy yourselves!