Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Sure, the possibility of it actually happening is slim to none, but we’ve all thought about it!

From ‘The Last of Us’ to ‘The Walking Dead,’ we’ve seen the catastrophic scenario portrayed on screens big and small – but it’s not often that we see such a disaster play out in Canada.

Luckily, for those who take this particular question seriously, gambling site, CasinosHunter, recently evaluated our surroundings and you might be surprised to know who would be better off!

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By analyzing everything from the availability of water, population density, army presence and hospitals, as well as the availability of weapons and supermarkets, they were able to determine which province would thrive and which would have a tough time.

In the top spot? The Northwest Territories, with a survival score of 78.57.

“When people during a real zombie apocalypse are able to infect other people with a single bite (like in The Walking Dead series), or by breathing in the infected spores (like in The Last of Us game), escaping large cities is only logical,” they explain.

“The northwest territories have one of the lowest population densities of only 0.04 per km2. This area also has a lot of hospitals per 100,000 of the population (46.15). This is important as hospitals will have access to medication and equipment that could help you survive in the event of an outbreak”

Other places to run to when your peers start craving brains?

Nunavut, The Yukon, and Ontario who were revered for their number of grocery stores, weapons and army presence respectively.

If however, you don’t live in the areas mentioned above, here is the full list of safest (and unsafest) cities in Canada, according to CasinosHunter:

  1. Northwest Territories – 78.57
  2. Nunavut – 70.65
  3. Yukon – 46.30
  4. Ontario – 43.98
  5. Manitoba – 43.42
  6. Saskatchewan – 42.59
  7. Quebec – 41.84
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador – 41.26
  9. Alberta – 32.76
  10. Nova Scotia – 30.1

Interesting, right?

Looks like we’ll see you up north – in our imaginations of course!

Here’s to a bright (zombie apocalypse-free) future.