Washington was the first place to ever have a modern UFO sighting. That’s why it kind of makes sense that someone wants to make a flying saucer that you can travel in. It looks like the future is here! ZEVA Aero wants to take you from Tacoma to Seattle in just 15 minutes in an out of this world aircraft.

ZEVA Aero is a Tacoma based startup working to create zero-emissions, electrically powered aircraft. But these aren’t just any aircrafts, they are personal aircrafts and ZEVA Aero wants their flying saucers to be the new way that people get around. What makes them extra unique is that they don’t require a runway for take off.

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Rather, the ZEAVA aircraft are able to transition to both take off and land¬†vertically. This makes them not only easier to use but also easier to store in a “normal” home setting like a garage. ZEVA imagines that with the success of a product like theirs that office buildings will eventually have garages where you can fly out the side of your place of work.

What’s more, it’s a quick way from point A to point B, the aircraft can travel at speeds of up to 160 miles an hour. If you’re ready for your own personal aircraft keep in mind that ZEVA still needs more capital and also there’s a lot legally that goes into preparing something like this for mainstream lifestyles. Not only that but the price tag for your own flying saucer is around $250k so you might as well start saving now.