Thin crust, meaty or covered in cheese. There’s nothing that can bring a group of people together quite like a saucy slice – except, of course, an entire event celebrating everyone’s favourite food!

This September, get acquainted with your fellow foodies at the YYC Pizza Fest, a crispy fundraising event presented by Calgary Meals on Wheels.

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Set to return on September 15th, Pizza Fest will once again challenge topping enthusiasts to sink their teeth into as many creations as possible all in hopes of raising money for a fantastic cause and awarding your favourite spots with a few prestigious titles.

These include top-rated, top-rated pizza, most popular pizza, most innovative pizza, and fan favourite crust.

Can’t wait to check it out? As we mentioned it won’t be long now until you can grab a bite, vote for your favourite and drift off into a food coma peacefully knowing that for every pizza purchased, $2- $3 will be donated to an incredible organization. 

For more information or to see any updates, check out their website below and enjoy making a (delicious) difference!

A good deed will have never tasted better!

YYC Pizza Fest 2023 

When: Friday, September 15th – October 1st, 2023
Instagram: @yycpizzafest