Seattle is pretty amazing when it comes to outdoor access. After all, we have mountains, the Puget Sound, and forests just outside of our doorsteps. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better just wait until you hear about the amazing Wilburton Train Trestle.

If you happen to like biking or even walking then you probably know about Eastrail. But if you don’t, it’s a trail system between Snohomish and Renton slowly being built on mostly old BNSF rail lines that will eventually run 42 miles and even connect to some light rail stations. Its most recent expansion is the 117-year-old Wilburton Train Trestle.

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This expansion is one of the most complicated parts of the trail system and is possible thanks to a $7.5 million grant from Amazon. That money will allow King County to complete the stunning new part of the trail by 2024. Now you might be wondering why is it so complicated? Well, the trestle has been abandoned since 2008 and needs seismic upgrades and improvements to make it safe for trail users.

That being said when it’s complete it will be yet another PNW destination. And it’s also great to see the state saving and repurposing this trestle as it’s one of the longest wood trestles in the PNW at 975 feet long and 102 feet tall. Until 2024 you can learn more by clicking here.