We think Earth, Wind & Fire Day needs to become a global holiday. For some reason, their iconic song ‘September’ is the perfect fit musically to the end of summer, and should be required listening every year. One person knows the weight of September 21st- British-American artist Demi Adejuyigbe. And oh boy, does he deliver.

The fifth (yes, fifth) instalment of his iconic September 21st video is also his most elaborate. Rightfully so, because not to spoil it, but this will also be his last video celebrating the downright amazing song. While most years featured him dancing alone, this one featured a whole crew of actors and dancers, plus an amazing cameo at the very end (which we won’t spoil for you, cuz we’re cool like that).

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Why does he do it, you may ask? Well, aside from spreading joy to the entire world, Adejuyigbe also uses the videos to raise funds for charities and non-profits. This year, in particular, he’s raffling off an original artwork, and a mere $10 donation will get you one entry into the prize. Almost as fun? He’s willing to visit the winner, wherever they might be located. That means Canadians can actually participate in an American raffle for one! Yay!

Seriously though Mr. Adejuyigbe, we say thank you. Your videos have been something we looked forward to year over year, and we’re happy you’re going out (from this part of your life) on such a high note. Now, time to play Earth, Wind & Fire on repeat!