If you want to take end-of-summer camping to the next level, we’ve got a pretty unique option we think you should check out. The Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort is the epitome of glamourous camping, and it’s got us ready for plenty of nights under the stars. Plus, regular camping isn’t for everyone. So if you’re into glamping, you’re going to love this place.

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort offers pioneer-style canvas tents and an amazing view of some of the world’s clearest skies. And because of the views, this spot is appropriately named Star Camp. Because you’ll be getting close to nature while still remaining as luxurious as possible. Plus, don’t just take our word on how cool this place is, it’s actually on National Geographic’s list of most unique lodges in the world!

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And you also get to enjoy your very own private campfire, as well as a cedar, soak hot tub. Which honestly sounds pretty dang amazing if you ask us. But of course, this level of outdoor luxury comes at a price. A price that’s in the thousands of dollars range. So this is definitely a big treat yourself item.

siwash lake wilderness resort

But if you’d like to learn more you can click here. And if you go please let us know how it is. But for now, we think we’ll stick to our free camping sites. After all, we don’t have thousands to drop on glamping. Cheers to those of you that do!

Siwash Lake Resort

Where: Eagan Bonaparte Forest Service Rd #3700, Thompson-Nicola E
Booking: Online here