Horror is a genre with a whole lot of wiggle room, after all, what’s scary to you might not be as freaky to others. That’s why – even if you’re set in your ways and prefer one direction over another it’s worth checking out the second annual SLAY! Film Festival.

The festival asked filmmakers to submit films of 8 minutes or less with a subject that scared them the most. What was submitted in the end included everything from ghost stories, slasher films, cults, and of course, some very scary political nightmares? Because let’s face it, life, as it is, can be pretty dang scary these days.

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The final cut of the festival includes 17 films created by folks just like us. You’ll probably see at least a few of your own fears reflected in these films as they have topics of self, what lurks in the dark and of course good old death. So face your fears and watch a horror film with a fresh take. Who knows, it might just inspire you to make your own for next year’s festival.

To make things easier, the festival has three formats, a live Seattle and Portland showing and a live stream showing. So whether you want to be spooked at home or in theatre, you have the option to choose. You’ll be able to watch the live stream on select dates between October 22nd-31st and the in-person showings will take place on October 29th & 30th. So grab your friends, some snacks and find your new fave movie. You can click below to learn more.

SLAY! Film Festival

When: Various dates October 22nd-31st
Where: In-person and online
Cost: $20+