Quick, got any plans this evening? If you don’t, then maybe it’s time to celebrate the Winter Solstice with a very unique experience. Vancouver’s Secret Lantern Society is once again hosting its ‘Labyrinth of Light’ experience, at not one but two locations in the city! Interested? Here’s what to know about it.

The annual Labyrinth of Light event is in honour of the Winter Solstice, which marks the point at which the Northern Hemisphere (us included, of course) is furthest away from the sun. While it’s not the shortest day of the year per se, the solstice marks a turning point, with days starting to grow longer once it’s over.

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In that spirit, the Secret Lantern Society created two labyrinths, each using over 600 beeswax candles. These labyrinths are intended to help people “release old attachments and envision new possibilities”, which we have to admit, sounds like a pretty good deal after the past couple of years.

But you gotta act fast! Tickets for the main location, on Granville Island are almost sold out, while the Yaletown location has a few spots that are still available. Either way, this is a one-day-only opportunity, and online ticket sales end at 12:30PM!

Labyrinth of Light

When: Tuesday, December 21st
Where: 1218 Cartwright Street and 181 Roundhouse Mews
Cost: $10 for GA