While we’re lamenting the loss of Christmas markets and light shows at home, we have to admit we can’t hold a candle to some other parts of the world. Especially Europe, where buildings and neighbourhoods that are centuries old get decorated every year. So, let’s check them out!

Here are some of the most amazing virtual Christmas markets and light shows around the world.

London, England

This video takes you on a whirlwind tour of some of London’s most famous areas for Christmas decorations. Plus, the tour is compatible with VR glasses, if you really want to immerse yourself in some British holiday cheer.

Vienna, Austria

This tour of Christmas markets (including one beside a massive old church), pretty much exactly fits our idea of a ‘traditional’ winter wonderland. The lighting, ambience and the setting itself make this a perfect tour trifecta.

Berlin, Germany

This 360-degree tour of Charlottenburg Palace’s Christmas Market in Berlin is also the perfect fit for a holiday movie. Admit it- you can see yourself catching up to your crush in the square and asking them to join you for some mulled wine. We feel the same.

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Rovaniemi, Finland

Of course, it doesn’t get more traditional than the official hometown of Santa Claus. This northern Finnish city offers a virtual tour of their Christmas decorations and markets. Fun fact- during the tour you’ll officially cross into the Arctic Circle. Better bring a coat!

New York, New York

Meanwhile, Macy’s has really locked down the holiday cheer for North America (and Thanksgiving cheer, for that matter). Check out this amazing mix of a holiday light show and a Christmas concert rolled into one convenient package.

Toronto, Canada

If you’re feeling nostalgic (and proudly Canadian), then maybe you should check out some of Toronto’s Santa Claus parade highlights. As one of the most popular parades in all of North America, this is sure to put a smile on your face. Personally, we’re diving into the 1990 broadcast for equal parts hilarity and nostalgia.

And that’s our roundup of some of the best virtual Christmas markets and light shows to check out this holiday season! Hopefully it puts you in a festive mood!